Livestream Witchy Friends Interviews / New Patrons / Raffle / Dolls

Check out the short version of the interview with @veronicavarlow #lovewitch ❤️today on damedarcy Instagram! ❤️ She’s working on a new book profiling her #sexpositivity #empowering #philosophy also her #engagementring made from her #fiancé tooth and #blackdiamonds 🦷❤️love it! VIDEO: New Dolls now on Etsy! The Meat Cake Manor doll house is finished next is the real thing! Tune in tomorrow Saturday Aug 29th 6pm to reveal the Patron #painting raffle winner! New patrons will be announced and we now have 95 members of the patron family! All patrons $1 And up can win ! Plus live tarot readings ❤️ https:

Bands Of Power / Witchy Cat Tarot / Veg Cookbook / 2021 Witch Calendar/ Thanks New Patrons !

👑✨🌈🔥🌟Welcome to the Patron Family new patron Pomme De Terre !! ⚡️💥⭐️💫 🌙We’re officially at 90 patrons! 🤩And thank you new August Patrons! 🙏😍You’ll all be included in the #patron #painting #raffle for #sketchtember #september! ✨🎁💝🎁 💝🎁💝Cookin up some beautiful #paintings and #fineart #prizes for you! Winner will be announced live on @damedarcy insta on Saturday August 29th at 7pm EST 🙏😀 and Welcome to the Patron Family dozen new patrons total !! ⭐️Magdaliz Alvarez ⭐️Red Poterack ⭐️ Lorlei Warmack ⭐️ Brian Hughes ⭐️ Tea Grafton ⭐️ David Williams ⭐️Elsbeth Van der Poel ⭐️ Curtis Flowers ⭐️ Bianca ⭐️ Erin Fuller ⭐️ Kim Tam ⭐️ Please contact me anytime in Pateron convos to book y

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