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Queen Alice Tarot 50% off! 2021 Reading! Patron Winner! Happy NYE! Prayer to The Goddess!

Happy New Year to 🌈YOU ❤️Beautiful Soul!

The Chinese New Year zodiac animal for this year is the Ox , representing diligence, persistence, and honesty.

Here are the tarot-reading for the new-year 2021 Predictions !

🌈 Stay tuned everybody for the #damedarcyqueenalicetarot 50% off sale using the coupon code which starts on Jan 1st and goes for the 1st three days of the year.

Celebrating the lucky white rabbit with the

coupon code:

WHITERABBIT all caps white rabbit ⏱🐇🍀🍄

The cards drawn for this year are 🌙the moon as signifier , past is queen of wands , present is Justice and future, the empress ⭐️

With the Queen Alice Tarot❤️

We’ve done a lot of soul searching this year, and now its time to take the lessons we have learned from our dreams and grown from it into a queen full of love and light and wisdom.

Its time to nurture your mind body and soul and to develop your magic to empower yourself so you can help others.

Through this process justice is served.❤️

Congrats David Williams! You are the winner of the jan2021 Patron Family painting raffle!

🌈🎨 it was personalized and gift wrapped to be sent to you yesterday❤️

Thanks to you Patrons and all supporters!

Lets continue to make the new year fabulous together. 🌈🌙⭐️ Thanks for the cool #damedarcymermaidtarot pic @boho_tarot! ✨🌈🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏿‍♂️✨🌈🌙 Up until about 5,000 years ago, the voice of The Goddess was whispering in everyone’s ear, guiding us as we crossed over valleys, grew our gardens, made love, taught our children, and gazed up at the stars and mother moon. 🌙 She was known by everyone like a super celebrity ⭐️a big-time megastar. She was the talk of the town, the headliner, a supermodel sex symbol wisdom crone mixed with astrology professor . 🌈⭐️🔥🌊Our ancestors partied with, worshiped, and revered The Goddess. It is only recently — a mere blip on the timeline of humanity — that we as a culture have despised, devalued, disparaged, and ignored the feminine. The patriarchy forced everyone into submission, even men. And made even our bodies wrong. We have a case of collective amnesia and collective grief — most of us don’t even know what exactly we’re missing or what gifts of the feminine we have to cultivate. The High Priestess is here to help us remember our innate power through the divine feminine 🌈❤️⭐️ And the empress is here to help us embody our sensuality compassion creativity and nurturing nature ❤️ May the Goddess bless and protect you in the New Year . Take good care of your mind and body and may you find magic moments in every day. ❤️

🌈❤️Love you!

Dame Darcy

And best wishes from our family to yours with our homemade matching patchwork vests we got for Christmas this year!


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