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NYE Coupon Code⭐️Podcast w/ Delfino⭐️ Patrons⭐️ Happy 2021!

Happy New Year to you!

New Years Eve Sale! 20% off all dolls ! Pillow dolls! glow in the dark doll house dolls! Etc!

and the 2021 Witch Calendar till Jan 31st!

Use coupon code : NYEVE

Witch Calendar 2021 featuring characters from Meat Cake Bible ⭐️⭐️spells for all seasons, mooncycles, plus all inclusive pagan holidays. Feminist fun facts and lots of other tips and crafts. Thank you for your support throughout the years and let’s make 2021 extra magical !

⭐️Protection Spells⭐️✨Energy is Everything!✨🌹Rose Essential Oil Beautiful and timeless, worn on the pulse points, Rose protects women from harm and is beloved by Our Lady Of The Roses. 🌿Rosemary Essential Oil Massage into the scalp to grow fuller hair, and also eminate a protective aura. 🌱Witchhazel A cleansing astringent, wonderful for everlasting beauty, clears blemishes naturally and also protects and cleans wounds. 🧿 Nazar 🧿 ⚔️The Ever Seeing Eye⚔️Arabic in origin, this Turkish blue glass amulet wards off the evil eye. Hung on the masts of ships, doors and home gateways, and even as a necklace. Hindi-Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, Kurdish, Persian, Punjabi, languages and cultures have their own traditions associated with Nazar as well.

Welcome to the Patron Family new Patrons ! ❤️Mandy ❤️ And 3 sisters ⭐️⭐️⭐️Aliea , Austina, and Atenas Rodriguez ! It’s an honor to be part of your family coven and thanks for joining in the month of Drawcember !!! Sailor seeing a vision of the Mermaid Goddess is the Patron Painting Raffle Prize for Jan❤️ All patrons including you 4 new patrons for December will be included in the raffle and its still not to late to join our family before the 1st ! $1 and up ! All tiers can win! Live stream Raffle begins on Monday Dec 28th at 6pm on damedarcy instagram. Any questions about what the new year will bring? Now is your opportunity to ask! I’ll answer your live tarot reading questions.

Patrons will receive spells and hand made cards for prosperity health and love in the new year❤️ PlusDrawings, dolls , and mini paintings go to higher tier supporters and will be sent in the mail this week to get to Patrons in time for Jan 1st ⭐️ . Barb Rose is a fairy doll and besides being astute at crystalballgazing and tarot reading . She can also be hung as an ornament! Shes doing a reading for humanity during covid. If we watch our back and protect ourselves like the page of swords (probs in relation to taking responsibility and making sure we do all the right stuff) 🌈 ⭐️ all our friends and family support group and humanity in general will rally together and support each other with the 6 of Wands as a human family 🌈⭐️And the world will heal. Also original art from queen alice tarot is available⭐️ Temperance ❤️ 🍄All proceeds go towards printing #witchycat #tarot !

Thanks for making this happen Patrons! Love you! ❤️

Monday! ⭐️ Join musical comedian Jessica Delfino and I for the latest video podcast interview for WICH radio on damedarcy instagram live ! Monday Dec 21st ! 5pm est! To celebrate the Winter Solstice we will be talking about her new awesome Joke Book , and her process of digging for Crystals and Gems in the mountains with her Preschool aged son.


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