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Dolls/Ornaments/Fashion Pins/Queen Alice Coupon Code +more!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy Dollydays everyone!

The USPS has officially announced everything mailed before Dec 12th will get to you without delay, so I went through a Christmas Crafting Crunch to bring you these fun gifts just in the Saint Nick of time !

These dolls are so many things! One of a kind hand sculpted, painted, 5 inch hand sewn dolls! Jointed limbs and posable, they fit with all standard classic doll houses and furniture.

A Tree ornament for the holidays or a beautiful ornament for all year round.

She can also be worn as a fashion pin / brooch!

Forgive my Catholic upbringing thats creepin through the cracks with these Heavenly nondenominational Angels for your tree!

Or for your celestial winter solstice Yuletide celebration ❤️

Always remembering somthing for you Goth Girls out there!

The Ghosts Of Christmas Present! 👻🎁 Spooky and glow in the dark all year around!

As per request some blonde dolls are made with Dame Darcy hair. The answer as to who requested? ... You know who you are. Don’t know why Alice is crying when she’s got a whole silver tea set though!


Little wearable art framed dollhouse hand made illustrations that can also be worn as a brooch / fashion pin!

Dolls and pins left from the sale will go to top tier Patrons because i love you! Special wealth and health Southern Gothic spells for the new year plus hand made cards and stickers and more for other Patrons too❤️

🌟Congrats Misfit Witch🌈🎁 for winning the Patron Painting Raffle for Dec. ❤️ Next raffle date to be revealed, stay tuned on Damedarcy instagram and pateron posts.

⭐️🌈🎁All Jan patron prizes will be sent early in order to get to you guys in time for the new year and get through the mail delays USPS warned us about.

Witchy Cat Updates!!

So excited to be able to show you the mock up for the flipbox! Thanks @pleasantart for your amazing graphic design !

To celebrate this and our 9000 sales mark (though the way they said it was kinda cringey) “👋pat ourselves on the back 🙄”

🤘🏽😂⭐️We are offering 50% off the Queen Alice Tarot Magnetic snap box with silver edge ❤️!!

The coupon code on Etsy is : TAROTLOVE in effect weds Dec 9th midnight, till mid Dec 12th !

All proceeds go towards the production / shipping of our 3rd deck!

Pre-orders of Witchy Cat still witching along!

Last but not least...

Dont forget your Witch Calendar for 2021 featuring the characters from Meat Cake Comics !

Moon cycles, Spells, fun facts, women’s herstory Saints and Goddesses, Multicultural Holidays and more!

Coming up next week so keep checkin my store!

Dame Darcy’s Closet will be available soon on etsy. Vintage, & couture kookoo clothes! Sharing my wacky fashion with the world and now you can own and wear my memories❤️

Proceeds go towards our local homeless shelter.

It’s my new years resolution for 2021.

I'm working on a tree topper but i have to get the newsletter out. The whole train couldn't be held up because of one big ass angel.

Magic Blessings!


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