Live reading Thursday/ Tarot coupon code / Farewell Genesis P-Orridge

Dear Friends, The news has been frightful lately and my mind is racing with so many questions and concerns. My heart goes out to everyone effected by the virus and with so many plans scrapped and places closed, thankfully we can still talk virtually. Please join me on Instagram (my handle is @DameDarcy) reading tarot Thursday at 7pm est and we can find out some answers and determine the future together. I’ll be reading with the Alice deck with the replacement card which is now available. Also the Mermaid T

Ostara Holiday Box ! Happy International Women's Day! Queen Alice Tarot is Back! Paper Doll Drea

In honor of Women’s Day I made dolls of all diversity and races, including mermaids, time traveling Rococo Princesses and fantasy ones with green and purple skin. We all have a heart and a soul and share this and all worlds together and should stand by each other as sisters. The Comic Book making workshop at Neighborhood Comics turned out great! The kids came up with amazing ideas and Joe W. Sams started a new series The Guy Who Waves At Things, which I think is up to 60 pages at this point! Check him out on Instagram as Uncle Dad Productions, and thanks for the help Joe! I crafted a new and improved kid friendly version of

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