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Live reading Thursday/ Tarot coupon code / Farewell Genesis P-Orridge

Dear Friends,

The news has been frightful lately and my mind is racing with so many questions and concerns. My heart goes out to everyone effected by the virus and with so many plans scrapped and places closed, thankfully we can still talk virtually.

Please join me on Instagram (my handle is @DameDarcy) reading tarot Thursday at 7pm est and we can find out some answers and determine the future together.

I’ll be reading with the Alice deck with the replacement card which is now available.

Also the Mermaid Tarot is 10% off until April 1st.

Use coupon code BUBBLES.

Genesis P-Orridge Especially Psychic TV, Was a HUGE influence in High School. Especially this particular song. Makes me cry every time it is so beautiful.

The orchid and the metal .

I did this performance art ritual the day after she passed in honor of her spirit for her friends and fans.

Genesis never stopped creating and pushing expectations and assumptions, a true performance artist who had an incredible spirit and hilarious since of humor (as dark as it was). Which is why it was such an honor to meet her in my 20s when I moved to NYC and become her friend.

So many amazing shared friends and memories later, I watched her health progress on Social Media, feeling sad and detached from my life and friends in NYC and wishing I could have been there at the end.

The world has lost a great unique soul and will never ever again know anyone like Genesis. ❤️ The love for you never ends ❤️

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