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After 25 years of hoarding vintage fashion and couture, now you can reap the benefits by taking a peek into Dame Darcy’s closet. Unique one of a kind fashion now available! T-shirts. These designs were made for Tokyo based designer Ku / Baby Doll as part of my “13” line back in 2003. These were in a time capsule at K Records who used to fulfil my orders, they were recently found and sent to me again. T shirt’s and panties sizes run small because that’s all that’s left. But the models give you an idea of how they fit. Thanks Zoe and Devon! Just in time for Valentines Day I heart Bat’s T and Red “Worship Here” Panties https://www.etsy.com/listing/578913768/goth-lolita-vampire-i-heart-bats-ba

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