New Witchy Cat Tarot! June Patron Raffle! Black Lives Matter! Love Astrology!

Welcome new Patrons !! ❤️Trevor Barton 💕Becca Kozak ♥️Sandra Steigerwald 💖Charles Lobdell 💕Yukiko Yvonne So happy to have you in the Patron Family and can’t wait to see who wins!! VIDEO: This is why I care so much about #blacklivesmatter Mr. Pleasant helped me through the worst and celebrates the best ❤️ He saves my life and I’ll do anything to save his if I have to. I’m not perfect and I try my best to be woke and learn more every day. When a person of color tells you their reality believe them. Have empathy. Be an ally. Be successful and strong for them and show the world living well is the best revenge

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