2 DAME DARCY NYC NYE 2019 Events!

Hey mermazing friends! I'll be reading this excerpt live as a mermaid dancing with a reverse-merm in #NYC #NYE2019 in Coney Island ! Thanks Bambi The Mermaid! Get your discount tickets and info here: www.coneyisland.com Hi Jax & Hi Jinx, Autobiography by: @DameDarcy Published by: @FeralHouse I have a theory that there are mermaids and reverse mermaids. We all have a little of both. And I personally battle the message sent by the patriarchy loud and clear everyday to objectify my body and marginalise my value as a human because I am female. The messages are constant, subtle, and sadistic, they better know one. Am I a beautiful lady with All-Seeing eyes, a graceful figure and beautiful hair? O

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