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2 DAME DARCY NYC NYE 2019 Events!

Hey mermazing friends! I'll be reading this excerpt live as a mermaid dancing with a reverse-merm in #NYC #NYE2019 in Coney Island ! Thanks Bambi The Mermaid!

Get your discount tickets and info here:

Hi Jax & Hi Jinx, Autobiography by: @DameDarcy

Published by: @FeralHouse

I have a theory that there are mermaids and reverse mermaids.

We all have a little of both.

And I personally battle the message sent by the patriarchy loud and clear everyday to objectify my body and marginalise my value as a human because I am female.

The messages are constant, subtle, and sadistic, they better know one.

Am I a beautiful lady with All-Seeing eyes, a graceful figure and beautiful hair?

Or am I the reverse mermaid, an ugly fish head with legs and a vagina?

Mermaids are beautiful women on the surface and under the water, the cold blooded scale shimmer in the deep Waters of the psyche.

Representative of unusual Magic properties and master of hidden dark secret desires connected to the ancient sea serpent and snake goddess.

The primal origin of all religion and the core of what we as women can tap into as our ultimate and timeless power.

Then there are the reverse mermaids. Ladies who think themselves ugly because they believe the lies of the patriarchy, thinking on competitive and comparative terms of other ladies, and may have been abused or sexualised as children.

Out of insecurity, they don't understand that all women are manifestations of the Goddess.

They see themselves as an ugly fish head with legs in a vagina, and in order to feel attractive, will over-compensate using sex as a tool for barter or manipulation.

No matter how truly beautiful they are, they will always see the ugly fish head in the mirror. I have empathy for this part of myself and others.

How cool is this new years eve party!

Join Bambi the Mermaid, Miss Cherry Delight Dame Darcy and other coney island mermaids for the most surreal and super fun NYC party for 2019!

9pm New Years Eve Dec.31st in Heaven

10pm Dream of Venus Ball 11:15 hike to boardwalk for fireworks !

The Circus Sideshow Fire Finale! Happy NewYear! May all your dreams come true!

Then on January 1st, 2019 starting at 7pm, please join us at Cult Party for an art exhibit with Crocodolls plus paintings based on the Mermaid Tarot deck

Also, reading from the new autobiography Hi Jax &Hi Jinx, tarot divination and fun times with Witches!

53 Waterbury St. Bushwick Brooklyn, NY 11206

Don't forget to check out MOPED Magazine. Dame Darcy & Miss Cherry Delight are featured guests and are also contributing editors to this crazy new publication.

Premiere Issue #1 Available now in a Print Edition and Digital download.

What happens when you mix a bit of Dark Rock, Vintage Mopeds and Dame Darcy? Well, you can expect a bit of controversy along with a no holds barred, unfiltered experience! We've actually got people trying to kill us over this mag. But that's the way we like it, right on the edge and crazy with no apologies!

Issue #1 Features:

Dame Darcy's Hi Jax & Hi Jinx preview!

Enter Miss Cherry Delight!

The Art of Pleasant

Faiery Food

and a Supped up 1978 JC Penny Pinto Moped

And More!

Sounds pretty insane hunh?

Check it Out!

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Subscriptions 3 Issues

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Instagram: @moped_magazine

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