September 25th Blog

Blog Monday Sept 25 Greetings My Pretties! And thank you for being part of my life, without you, none of this would be possible. ^v^ ALL NEW BOOK RELEASE! Check out the all new book I illustrated for Tori Telfer And thanks to all of you who bought the framed one of a kind color illustration originals to benefit Hurricane victims, we were able to raise funds to send to the red cross. More will be posted as soon as we send out our next order shipment. This special offer continues , with the coupon code HURRICANEHELP During the Hurricane it was a little touch an

September Updates

See the full September Newsletter! Hurricane Relief for Texas! Serious stuff. I had a nightmare about it a couple days before it hit. Use the coupon code HURRICANE HELP to own any framed art ! Black and white pen and ink originals! Color Originals! Even paintings! 20% of all proceeds will go to The Red Cross to aid victims of the storm. Thanks for helping me help others.

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