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September 25th Blog

Blog Monday Sept 25

Greetings My Pretties! And thank you for being part of my life, without you, none of this would be possible. ^v^ ALL NEW BOOK RELEASE! Check out the all new book I illustrated for Tori Telfer

And thanks to all of you who bought the framed one of a kind color illustration originals to benefit Hurricane victims, we were able to raise funds to send to the red cross. More will be posted as soon as we send out our next order shipment.

This special offer continues , with the coupon code HURRICANEHELP

During the Hurricane it was a little touch and go there for a minute concerning Savannah, fortunately it missed us, but it really hit many other places hard. So during the Hurricane, I painted this new series based on my Tarot designs. A percent of all proceeds for framed illustrations and stretch paintings on canvas goes to the red cross. If you want multiple works please contact me directly to negotiate a discount. Payment plans are also available upon request. If you would like to see my painting process please check out the video links on my you tube channel! Halloween Pateron Prizes. As a loyality reward to long term Patrons for a special Halloween treat , those who’s Patron amount donated exceeds $500. Get fine art prizes valued at $500 and up this month! Thank you Mariah Aiyana, and Brian Lahti for your continued support! Your prizes will include a one of a kind hand drawn and painted framed color original illustration as well as other secret magical surprises! Here’s the latest framed color Illustration just in time for October!

And new dolls for the Halloween season! Witch Siamese twin protestors, Ghost and mermaid witch!

This Year I designed the Poster for HONK NYC Liberty and justice for all! Thanks Mike Bade!

The Brooklyn Book Festival was awesome! Thank you Meg Lemke for organizing this for all of us. Here’s some pics from the lovely event. And sketches from Gabrielle Bell another amazing lady cartoonist… Paint it Black: Goth Culture and Comics: As 1980s-1990s nostalgia surges, the dark visuals of the goth culture of that era are thriving and inspiring contemporary comics artists. With Dame Darcy (Meat Cake), and new voices Julia Gfrörer (Laid Waste) and Jane Mai (So Pretty / Very Rotten), moderated by Nicole J. Georges (Fetch). This little blonde girl named Darci #darcilynne and her granny doll are making headlines winning all the awards for America's got talent. It's like witnessing some demented paralell universe, granny even flirts with the judge... but in the case of me n my doll (who got a full body skin replacement at age 92 n looks 21), which one of us is the Granny now!? Isabelle Doll wants to kill me for not hustling her enough and thinking of this first. And we had 30 years to do it! Darci is only 10. Love Dame Darcy

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