Queen Alice Tarot, Suckdog DVD, Twin Dolls, Updates

Hey Fabulous Family! It's that batty time of the year again, you know, the Season of the Witch. And I have so much to celebrate with you! We're so happy and proud to announce after all the hard work of booking and traveling for the tour then meticulously editing the scenes from half a dozen cities, the Suckdog reunion Tour DVD Is now available. https://www.etsy.com/listing/614781390/the-suckdog-reunion-tourdvd-feministpunk Yes, the old school feminist punk performance art weirdness is back again to kick ass and confuse with a whole new show reminiscent of the same demented quality brought to you in the 90's when Lisa (Suckdog) Carver started the show and Rollderby zine. With bonus opening mu

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