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Tuck box coupon code | tarot framed originals | gift box| dolls| summer solstice / Juneteenth

It is said black diamonds are very lucky!⭐️ 

Celebrate Summer Solstice with our 20% off both Witchy Cat and Mermaid tarot tuck box using 

the coupon code TUCKBOX all caps. 

Valid for a week from Thurs June 17- Thurs 24th 


Meow Witches and Cat Lovers! 


 This Gift Box is bursting with art and enchantment! 

It includes  a black lacquer edge magnetic snap Witchy Cat Tarot deck, one of a kind, pen and ink, framed original art from the template created to print this deck, a hand crafted voo doo doll, one of a kind personalized  spell card, and stickers. 

Love 🖤 

Dame Darcy 

Own a piece of history! 

Some originals from Queen Alice and Witchy Cat used to create the templates to print these decks  have been framed and are now available as color and black and white ready to hang illustrations. 

These are one of a kind and once they are gone, they are gone forever. 

They will be packed with a personalized card and some extra gifts. 

There are no more originals left for Mermaid tarot. ⭐️ 4 x 6inch framed black and white pen and ink original illustration with hand painted watercolor one of a kind art from witchy cat tarot deck. Based on the classic Ryder Waite

Only 3 Dolls from this coven left!

Eleanor Einstein’s great grandfather  is the one and only Albert. 

True to family tradition she is studying physics, and although shes entering a predominantly male field this doesn’t stop her from taking the time to put on her sexy garters and tie her signature silver bow in her hair before she goes into the lab. 

All Dame Darcy dolls are  one of a kind and hand crafted. 

They have hand painted faces, posable limbs hand sewn coutre dresses and are approx 5 in. tall to fit with all standard doll house furniture.

Happy Summer Solstice ! 💕🌈💕❤️⭐️Twinning and Winning! 

Please be invited to our Gemini Birthday Party on Sat June 19th 8pm at Starland Yard! 

With ⭐️DJ Jose 

💕Dame Darcy 

bring your Gemini pals for double the fun🌈❤️⭐️ the Gemini astrology sign is from May 23-June 21st! 

For those who don’t live in Savannah we will be broadcasting some of the party live on @damedarcy insta Sat 9:00 est it will be fun to see you there! 

🖐😀🌈💕And Patrons! 

We have some fun secret surprises cooking up for you! 

Exciting news about Meat Cake Manor , new pateron painting Raffle reveal and more! 

Thank you for making our Patron Family dreams come true! This is an exciting new era for us all! 

💕 Love 

Dame Darcy 


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