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All New ! Black Edge snap box Witchy Cat Tarot! Charming Disaster! Mermaid Tarot Paintings!

✨Join us will you?

Charming Disaster live stream live music and Dame Darcy Witchy Cat tarot reading to celebrate their new album Our Lady Of Radium ! ⚡️

Friday May 14th at 8pm est on Charming Disaster Facebook and youtube !

I’ll be reading the new Witchy Cat Tarot Black Lacquer edge and Magnetic Snap box for them, just released today!!

Witchy Cat Tarot Magnetic Snap Box with black lacquer edge has arrived!! Sooo excited to share this news and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

Based on the Classic Ryder-Waite-Smith style tarot. This fun , gothy, deck is sure to please the cat lover in your life. 😻 Meow!

Dame Darcy

Yes!! Witchy Cat Tarot with a Black Lacquer edge and fancy magnetic snap box is here!


Our second edition of Witchy Cat and we couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ll be doing tarot readings live with the new deck for Charming Disaster 💕😉 Here’s a cute little ditty Sweet Soubrette cooked up for the Meat Cake Bible release party with The Bushwick Bookclub 💕🌈



Three new paintings for the Patrons 💞 💞To choose from based on Mermaid Tarot , are currently for sale. 💞 🧜🏻‍♀️ As a token of my deepest gratitude if you get anything from the shop the 2nd item is %15 off using the coupon code THANKS in all caps! 💞 Love DD


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