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Welcome to the Patron Family ! 16 new Patrons to celebrate Beltaine May 1st! https://www.patreon.com/damedarcy💗💕💗 Your now eligible to be in the raffle this Monday April 27th on DD Instagram at 6pm to reveal the raffle winner for May! The raffle prizes are now hilariously valued at $666! All patrons of all tiers $1 and up can win! Attendees can choose the prize by popular vote then raffle the gift boxes and framed paintings dolls and larger items. The other is slightly smaller, framed, and elaborate. And is an original watercolor and pen and ink color illustration featuring Meat Cake Bible comic book characters ❤️💕❤️Voting between the 2 will be live on Insta. Both feature Mermaids �

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Dear Friends and Magic Family, My greatest hope is this email finds you well, safe from Corona, and all harm. Especially to the Medical Professionals on the front lines who will heal this situation more efficiently with more equipment. https://humankindnow.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4oeWbTj6AIVy4CfCh1BRgKTEAAYAyAAEgLxSfD_BwE There's not much as an individual I can do besides shelter in place, but I've donated here, and updates on plans with giving plasma next week as well. Thinking of you nurses out there, it's not much, but it's a gesture of thanks. Greetings from my Goth Mermaid Dark Twin, Dame Dark Sea. This pic taken during the April full moon, the Fish Moon. As an ecological statement, the

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