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Welcome to the Patron Family | Raffle | Tarot | Corona Masks

Welcome to the Patron Family ! 16 new Patrons to celebrate Beltaine May 1st!💗💕💗 Your now eligible to be in the raffle this Monday April 27th on DD Instagram at 6pm to reveal the raffle winner for May!

The raffle prizes are now hilariously valued at $666! All patrons of all tiers $1 and up can win!

Attendees can choose the prize by popular vote then raffle the gift boxes and framed paintings dolls and larger items.

The other is slightly smaller, framed, and elaborate. And is an original watercolor and pen and ink color illustration featuring Meat Cake Bible comic book characters ❤️💕❤️Voting between the 2 will be live on Insta. Both feature Mermaids 🌈💗💕❤️

Which one do you like Dear Viewers? #1 Strength or #2 Meat Cake 💕

I’ve started prepping the May prizes to get to everyone by the 1st. So yours is going in the mail now. See you live on Monday for the raffle! Lots of love ❤️ @damedarcy -- Mariah Aiyana Natalie Guerrero Gwendolyn King Celeste Kelly Amanda Bronson Timothy Ragsdale Nerissa Cleys Thaedra Aiyana Jay Anderson Patrick Hambrecht Colin Kerr Jean Choe Maryann Peterman Marcy Sheiner Clare Simpson Havana Shultz Kiley Oram Andrea Ferrante Morgan Coakley Juliette C Evans Nicole Simpson Rosa Brodsky Pandora Witts Rachel McComb Britta Crone Jessica Ayers Christy Killough Melissa Medina Nathaniel Dory Elizabeth Ann Lowry Aurora Borealis Kate Artz Josephine Johnson Christopher H. Svara Izzy Strazzabosco Claire Abernathy Colleen Zickler Alura Rose Nina Lowrance Spy Emerson Tara T Tavi Richie Goff Diomira Rusalka Kelly Crodian-Shuff Patrick E. Tottenham Catherine Englehart Mandy Trumbull Valeska Griffiths Midge Belickis Margaret Kunz Jessica DiMaio Shenandoah Bauer Shantell Powell Jack Butler Joseph Kyle Caitlin Savage (Just) Michelle Susan Broyles Julia Levine Gigi Lizzy Lumbley Patrick Engelman Cristian Light Joshua Conley Voog Jean-Jacques Tachdjian Oona Annwn Ellia Bisker Christiane Cegavaske Maude Potter Elle Erickson Ruadhan

Mermaid Tarot Gold Edition, Replacement 4 of Wands Alice, and Queen Alice Perfect with all silver edge Tarot Preorder decks are now available.

Replacement Alice Deck

Mermaid and Alice

Congratulations, you've made 7000 sales! To celebrate, The preorder coupon code is MADHATTER starting this week, and we will donate 20% from the sales of this deck to CDC Foundation emergency response fund in order to help nurses with supplies for the Pandemic and other resources. To see more information, please go here: The receipt will be posted in the next newsletter :) Thanks for your support of my Tarot decks and for humanity.

I also have soft, washable, corona masks available, modelled by Granny Mannequin and Ghost Bride.

Corona mask day of the dead

Corona mask cupcake

Love and Magic Blessings Dame Darcy

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