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Paintings/ Patrons/ Tarot tuck Mermaid sale/ Thanks! 🙏😍

Thank you supporters!

So happy and excited Our etsy shop has now reached over 10,000+ sales! To celebrate we are offering you a 25% off coupon code : STARFISH all caps for #damedarcymermaidtarot #tuckbox edition!

Mermaid Tarot Tuckbox link

Meow available , and going fast!

These 4 x 6inch framed black and white, pen and ink ,original illustration ,one of a kind ,framed art pieces from Witchy Cat Tarot are very near and dear to my heart.

Every card hand-drawn, but now available to you!

This is the fun way to raise the funds for printing the magnetic snap box version of Witchy Cat with a glossy black edge!

The prototypes look good, and the goal is to offer the 2nd edition of this deck to celebrate by halloween ! 🙀🎉👻🤘🏽😻

Based on the classic Ryder Waite 😻

The tuck box version of Witchy Cat #damedarcytarot is here now!

Thanks everyone for the support of this new deck!

Festival BD de Montréal (FBDM) are two weeks away from the end of their crowdfunding campaign for our book X! ten 🌈🎉📚to celebrate their tenth anniversary !!! merci boucoup 🙏😍for including my meat cake bible comics in this lovley sequencial art compilation and I’m honored to be profiled with such talented cartoonists ! ✨🌈📚please go to link to find out more 🌈📚✨ 🌈💕✨mayday golden Beltane faeries and 🌈💕a painting from the sexy skeleton painting series for the patron painting raffle April 30th Friday at 6pm!!!

All patrons $1 and up will be entered to win and all patrons are free to message me for a palmreading or tarot readings ✨❤️ ✨Welcome to the family new patrons for may patron prizes! 💕

⭐️Jaimie Sharkey

⭐️Loretta Guerra

⭐️Noella Teele

⭐️Buzzed Honeys

⭐️Jeff Lewonczyk

⭐️Kim Collins

handmade postcards for lower tiers, and one of a kind paintings for higher tier patrons!


Folly Farthingale and her pensive friends Blanche Grey and Goldie Fae 💕

I place each plate of the doll tea set on the table for a treat of painted #cake baked from clay.

Two tiny girls sleep with eyes painted open in a bed of baby blue gingham.

Non believers may say they can not sleep.

But they are alive in #dreams and here in reality with the living.

Sewing lace curtains from a scrap found in a trunk forgotten a century ago.

And now remembered .

Steadying my hands to make everything just so.

The giant hands of a Mother Goddess wise and caring that pours endless hours of tea like mana from heaven . @damedarcy #prettyinpink #sequins #cottagecore #dolllife #artdolls #fairyworld #playthings ⭐️ fun fact ! Some of the blondes like Goldie Fae are made with my real hair ! Other platinum blondes like Folly and her doll friend Blanche are made from real doll hair and ghost hair 👻💕

Love Dame Darcy


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