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⭐️Hellooo ! Magic Beings being magical! 🌈⭐️🧹Valentines day is coming next and because I love you so much heres some goodies I’ve been cookin up for you in my cauldron of love ❤️

As of this minute there are only 30 calendars left and they are 50% off from NOW Friday Jan 29th to Midnight on Valentines day Feb 14th 2021 !

With coupon code : MAGICCALENDAR all caps.

🔥Just feelin that Bern so I had to make these Bernie meme inspired hand signed prints!

Have to celebrate with a coupon code : ARTPRINTS all caps.

ALL (unframed) prints in the etsy store are 20% off for a week! Friday Jan 29th- Fri to Feb 5th Friday midnight.

Yes! ALL prints ! Alice, Ghoul Vivisection, and these Bernie prints etc. hand signed to you or a loved one. ❤️ Thank you for being a friend!

Happy Dollydays everyone! ❤️ Just in time for Valentines Day ! 💌🎁❤️ ❤️I would say get them while they’re hot, 🔥but these dolls are hot $4-eva$ !!!!!!!🔥

All one of a kind hand crafted hand painted faces sculpted posable limbs handsewn couture miniature dresses 5 in. tall to fit with all standard dollhouse furniture. 🔥Looks like the doll coven is doing some kind of a spell.

Lets hope that it’s a love spell!

Please join magical lady @sylva.sylvarum and I on the next WICH Radio livestream podcast on @damedarcy instagram 🌈⭐️Friday Feb. 5th at 5pm! 🌈⭐️Ivy is a working witch, wellness practitioner, and sex magick educator. Her practice offers tarot divination, energy work, and spellwork consultations. Ivy's approach to her craft is rooted in trauma-informed intuitive healing techniques.

❤️ Thanks Jessica Ann Hundley!!

I’ll personalize this luxurious tome for you, hand signed inside!

Plus surprise goodies.

Here’s the description Taschen has on their site!

Its an honor to have #damedarcymermaidtarot be included! Both tuck box and gold edition now available. 🧜🏻‍♀️

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica.

Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and minor arcana this visual art compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

❤️Happy Valentines Day Patrons! ❤️

Looking forward to seeing you live on @damedarcy insta.

Sunday Jan 31st 6pm for our next livestream raffle and tarot reading!

❤️Welcome to the Patron Family ! ❤️Max Bernardi❤️Wynona Hauter ❤️Elias Holmes! ❤️ Shannon Smeltzer ❤️ Karen Baddeley❤️And welcome back ❤️Mariah Aiyana !

For the month of February everything has been sent in the mail to you all.

Chocolate boxes, facemasks, New siamese twin from Meat Cake Patches, Lots of love spells, hand sewn heart necklaces, rose tea, Bernie prints ! And more ! Feb 2021 Love you long time patrons!

This is the framed painting raffle prize for the month of February! All patrons $1 and up are elgible to win ! ❤️Love you all so much!

Paula Martens

Christian Brown

Yukiko Yvonne

Elaine Boyling

Natalie Guerrero

Jesse River

Jennifer Tippman

Kim Davis

Jim Compton

Kelly Crodian

Timothy Ragsdale

Nerissa Cleys

Thaedra Aiyana

Tiffany Harju

Patrick Hambrecht

Meaghan Murphy

Tea Grafton

Elsbeth van der Poel


Christy Killough

Nathan Kelly

Jean Choe


Maryann Peterman

Kiley Oram

Morgan Coakley

Juliette C Evans

Nicole Simpson

Pandora Witts

Rachel Mc Comb

Britta Crone

Jessica Ayers

Melissa Medina

Nathaniel Dory

Elizabeth Ann Lowry

Amanda Simak

Jasmin Mellado

Laura Swan

Daniel Thomas

Angel Rose

Cathy Fitzhugh

Larva Jane

Tammy Pennington

Loreli Warmack

David Williams

Erin Fuller

Londa Ojanen

Tasha Waddell


Becca Kozak

Sandra Steigerwald

Robin Dolan

Eve Salinas

Kate Artz

Josephine Johnson

Izza Strazzabosco

Polly Zonk

Amanda bronson

Claire Abernathy

Richie Goff

Diomira Rusalka

Andrea Ferrante

Mandy Trumbull

Valeska Griffiths

Midge Belickis

Christopher Svara

Margaret Kunz

Jessica DiMaio

Joseph Kyle

Spy Emerson

Caitlin Savage

Jocelyn MacKenzie

Eliza Masteran


Trevor Batron

Susan Broyles


Julia Levine

Havana Shultz

Patrick Engelman

Cate Englehart


Jean-Jacques Tachdjian

Oona Annwn

Ellia Bisker

Christiane Cegavske

Stacy MacBlane-Meyer ❤️


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