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Witchy Cat Tarot is here! Mermaid Dolls/Patron Raffle/ Prints/ Super Moon 


Witchy Cat Tarot is finally Here! 😻

Thank you cat lovers and all supporters of my tarot decks for making this dream come true! 

The tuck box is currently available on etsy.

Also, we have inventory now available wholesale for stores.

To find out details please contact me directly at with “Witchy Cat wholesale inquiry ” in the subject line.

Special thanks to Pleasant Art for his fabulous graphic design and photography and Selene Ahnese @gibbousfashions for sending her whimsical kitty photos too! 

The idea for the portrait was me trying to look cute in the pic holding my black cat friend Gus , but she was clawing me so my smile was more like 😬...

Thats the spicy black cat personality for you. 

It’s better this way tho! 

Thanks Lynn Klar and Jonathan Morgan of the Isetta Inn Savannah , for letting your baby model for this shoot. 

Welcome new patrons ! Noella Teele ❤️ Buzzed Honeys ❤️ Jeff Lewonczyk ❤️ Abbey O’Donnell ❤️ Roguen Carlson ❤️ Lydia Magallanes ❤️

And thank you patrons for making Witchy Cat tarot possible!

Everybody ! Including $1 patrons will be entered into the next patron prize raffle!

Please join me, this Wednesday March 31st on @damedarcy insta at 6pm est.

🌈❤️😀 So excited to announce the winner for this painting! Batavia with the Fancy Frame...

Higher tier patrons received this new deck for ❤️April patron prizes !

Also goldengirls and Bernie handmade cards and


Patrons of all tiers please feel free to contact me anytime through patron messenger for a tarot or palm reading too❤️Love you all so much !

Patrons of all tiers please feel free to contact me anytime through patron messenger for a tarot or palm reading too❤️Love you all so much ! 🌈❤️🙏😊#witchy #catladies #fairycore #mermaid #illustrator #artists #gothgirls #cottagecore #phd in #diy @damedarcy

Happy Ostara! Happy Easter! Happy Zombie Jesus Day! 20% off all Glicee art prints with PRINTLOVE coupon code (All Caps) Midnight est tuesday March 30th to midnight tues April 12th 🌈🌸 Personalized to you or a loved one! Spring has Sprung!

Happy International Mermaid Day! 4 New mermaid dolls that come in treasure chests with Chocolate coins! And other one of a kind hand crafted dolls❤️

The Worm Moon also known as the Crow Moon named to represent the spring moon by Native American ancestors when the ground thaws and worms start wiggling is 2021’s first supermoon.

This month it is remarkably large, bright, and there has been a ton of ghost activity in Savannah lately around this full moon!

Heres a few pics of some of the weird ghosts that look like strange streaks of light with no source. Captured by yours truly, Pleasant Art at Conjure 912 in Savannah @conjure912 and my witchy gal pal Tracey Batts.

Also, just some pics of me reflected in the window lookin haunted. And others on the boat, at the dock, and riding on bikes at night downtown.

Thank you friends, family, and patrons for your support. I’m so thankful to the Goddess to have you in my life. Best wishes and magic blessings

🌑🌘🌕🌖🌑Love Dame Darcy


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