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Health Spell / Patron Raffle/ Preorder Alice / Tarot

Dear Friends and Magic Family,

My greatest hope is this email finds you well, safe from Corona, and all harm. Especially to the Medical Professionals on the front lines who will heal this situation more efficiently with more equipment. There's not much as an individual I can do besides shelter in place, but I've donated here, and updates on plans with giving plasma next week as well. Thinking of you nurses out there, it's not much, but it's a gesture of thanks.

Greetings from my Goth Mermaid Dark Twin, Dame Dark Sea. This pic taken during the April full moon, the Fish Moon. As an ecological statement, the sea goddess trapped in plastic. The cloud above the moon coincidentally shaped like a dolphin.

Oh Humanity, as our old pal Shakey put it, "Uneasy is the head that wears the crown."

Lost in translation during the media onslaught, is our responsibility to care for the Earth and it's animals, which is where this mess originated.

Torturing The Children of The Goddess in wet markets and factory farms got humanity put in time out by The Mother. At least Nature and animals have had a chance to heal and thrive.

Let's remember as one race, the human race, to endeavor to be cruelty free when we turn this crisis into an opportunity to reset our broken system. Please join me in this appeal to the Pandemic Pantheon: We appeal to you, Beloved Lords of Karma, and you Goddess of Liberty, who looks over our harbor in New York City. Athena, Goddess of Truth, shine a light wherever it is most necessary to know and see the simple Truth to our current situation.

Nada, Goddess of Peace and Devotion, thank you all for all the work you do for us here on earth, still evolving through the dimensions of Time and Space, and still in the process of earning our ascension to a better dimension. Please oversee the Divine Plan for this lovely planet of ours, as it is changing hour to hour.

Portia, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, who's blindfolded statue is seen above courthouses. Mighty Cyclopea, Who embodies the All Seeing Eye with which all secrets are revealed, and all truths are easily discerned. We thank you so very much for the power, love and wisdom that you shower us all with, as you continue to help us all in the discernment of our own natural Divine Plans. And Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness, Bless all of those with whom we share our school, this Holy Earth of ours. Love, Dame Darcy

❤️ Egalitarian opportunities for everyone! Patrons of all tiers even the $1 patrons will equally be entered into a raffle to win framed original art !

Paintings, color illustrations and hand painted prints, dolls, and gift boxes, valued at the total of what’s in the patron pot now at $550. When we get to $1000 and up, framed paintings at higher value will be raffled.

The raffle for the May patron winner will be picked and announced live on Dame Darcy Instagram at 6pm Monday April 27th! All patron prizes will be sent in late April just in time for Beltane on May 1st.

Join pateron to win 🌈❤️

Starting with this hand painted 1x2 ft. Framed water color illustration ! ⭐️

Special Thanks to new patrons : Amanda Bronson, Julia Levine , Havana Shultz, Kiley Ohram and Morgan Sverson ⭐️🌈❤️and thanks for upping your support Gwendolyn Marie King!

Just taking this time to rediscover my yard and started this Southern Gothic painting series. Now available on Etsy.

Murder In The Swamp, ⭐️Promenade Among the Moss,⭐️ The Sorrowing Glittering ghosts revealed in nature scenes in Savannah.

We’ve received our 4 of Wands replacement card to make the deck complete, and can now offer you the Complete Deck with Replacement Card "Four of Wands" (WITHOUT SILVER EDGE) .

The replacement card has no silver edge , but fortunately it blends in well with the rest of the deck and is the same size as the other cards and the same high quality printing and glossy finish.

This is a limited edition collectors deck. And the only print run.

But because the 4 of wands does not have a silver edge we are offering it at a lower price than the complete perfect Queen Alice Deck.

Mermaid Tarot Gold edition available too! Bubbles and fin splashes!



This print edition is perfect and contains a perfectly matching 4 of wands card with silver edge.

All 80 cards total are COMPLETE and have the silver edge!

We anticipate the arrival of these decks between mid April to May 1st 2020. We will ship immediately to you once our inventory arrives.

*Disclaimer - Please Note: As result of the ongoing global Corona Virus health crisis. The projected arrival of the complete Queen Alice Tarot may be subject to change. We please request that buyers allow between 14 to 35 days lead time for this item.

Included with Queen Alice Tarot Deck with (SILVER EDGE) and Box is the meanings booklet instruction comic.

Free Shipping Within The USA!

Best wishes for a bright future for us all.

Love Dame Darcy

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