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Queen Alice Tarot, Suckdog DVD, Twin Dolls, Updates

Hey Fabulous Family! It's that batty time of the year again, you know, the Season of the Witch. And I have so much to celebrate with you!

We're so happy and proud to announce after all the hard work of booking and traveling for the tour then meticulously editing the scenes from half a dozen cities, the Suckdog reunion Tour DVD Is now available.

Yes, the old school feminist punk performance art weirdness is back again to kick ass and confuse with a whole new show reminiscent of the same demented quality brought to you in the 90's when Lisa (Suckdog) Carver started the show and Rollderby zine.

With bonus opening music videos by Isabelle Doll.

And behind the scenes tour footage. Some of it shot with a camera strapped to my face so it's like your really there!

Come walk down memory lane with us, with a whole new twist!

Special thanks to Jalal Pleasant :)

Check out some sneak peek scenes here:

TWIN Dolls

Halloween Horror Crocodolls!

Mixed media Crocodolls made from hand crafted haunted dolls and up- cycled Victorian taxidermy Crocodile Head and hands found in a Voodoo Lady's haunted house in Savannah, (the most haunted city in America).

ALL NEW Twin Dolls come in Haunted houses!

All dolls glow in the dark and everyone but twins come in hand crafted coffins.

Vida and Vidalia were twin girls who were once feral.

Found living in a cave by diamond miners, they had been raised by Vampire Bats and so had to be taught by the miner's wife who adopted them, how to behave like normal girls in polite society.

Though their adopted mother dressed them in nice clothes and taught them manners, one day while playing tag in the yard, the twins snapped and killed the neighbor girl Grace so they could drink her blood. Then stole her doll as a keepsake. Hiding her body in the coal bin where it remained undiscovered for quite a long time.

After that they were institutionalized and scrubbed their hands raw if not bound, claiming that their hands would not stop smelling of blood.

5 inches tall hand sewn dresses, hand sculpted, hand painted, with jointed posable limbs,

Vida and Vidalia glow in the dark, and come in a hand crafted haunted house box with the image of Grace's ghost on the front.

Trump Voodoo doll

What do you do with all that pent up anxiety when you read about our fundamental rights as women in jeopardy. Trump Voodoo doll! This Orange voodoo doll has trump hair. Stab him with a pin in his little black heart. 4 inches tall and handcrafted. You may have someone in mind who needs this.

General voodoo dolls

Coming soon: 7 inch of songs by Brooklyn Book Club made from Meat Cake Comix Wax Wolf and Cutting. Also Looking forward to the 2019 Witch Calendar on it's way now from the printer. Patrons will receive these gifts spells, and much more! Thank you for your support and encouragement during our Witch New Year! All Patreon Supporters 10$ and up will receive a free Wax Wolf CD!

ALL NEW Gold Edition :)

Gold gilded edges on all cards, remastered images and beautiful heavy weight flip box designed inside and out with a nautical style that compliments the classic Mermaid Tarot card design.

78 beautifully illustrated mermaid and nautical themed tarot cards by Dame Darcy based on the traditional Rider deck. Bubbles and fin splashes! DD

Paintings available of Mermaid cards. Payment plans and price negotiable available. Please message me on Etsy to discuss.

Queen Alice Tarot updates :) Ok so the box and cardstock turned out amazing! Perfection in design, and the silver edge is beautiful. Bright jewel tones and soft pastels printed so that every detail shines. Except we had one little thing happen ... There was a mix up with the printer which we are taking care of ASAP. The Four of Wands card is missing from each deck, and there are 2 Eight of Swords. We have immediately contacted the Printer and have to wait for another shipment of the Alice Four of Wands in order to ship a full corrected deck. Which we will do by October 10th when the card arrives to the studio. We appreciate your empathy and support that this is a small business run by a staff of 3 people at, not a cooperation and we are doing our absolute best to please our supporters and give them the best experience possible.

If you want the Alice Tarot Deck shipped to you right away, we ship it weekly, but please note it will be Missing the Four of Wands. If you purchased a deck before 9/27/18 we have shipped our US based orders and many of our foreign orders already. We WILL send you a Four of Wand card as soon as it is printed and arrives to our studio which should be around October 10th. We will ship your 4 of wands card plus a free apology gift to your address on file when the card arrives to our studio. After October 10th we will be sending out COMPLETE full decks with one 8 of swords and one 4 of wands. They will be normal decks with all the cards like any other traditional Rider Waite based tarot. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, especially to all of you who supported Queen Alice's release and allowed this dream deck to be possible. With Love, Dame Darcy.

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