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New Witchy Cat Tarot! June Patron Raffle! Black Lives Matter! Love Astrology!

Welcome new Patrons !!

❤️Trevor Barton 💕Becca Kozak ♥️Sandra Steigerwald 💖Charles Lobdell 💕Yukiko Yvonne

So happy to have you in the Patron Family and can’t wait to see who wins!!

This is why I care so much about #blacklivesmatter Mr. Pleasant helped me through the worst and celebrates the best ❤️ He saves my life and I’ll do anything to save his if I have to.

I’m not perfect and I try my best to be woke and learn more every day. When a person of color tells you their reality believe them. Have empathy. Be an ally. Be successful and strong for them and show the world living well is the best revenge. Show them they didn’t make you sad so you just gave up. Winning despite being marginalized and whatever not perfect thing you are. Racism isn’t a black problem like rape is not a women’s issue. Rape is a mans issue, women don’t do the raping.

And black people didn’t steal themselves from their indigenous home then work for no money for centuries to build a country then not get credit or money for it. They were forced to by rich whites and racism is the whites problem. We demand accountability! We demand reparations!

Even if it’s done through looting that’s a drop in the bucket compared to everything stolen from indigenous and brown people throughout history to lead to this horrific moment.

Live love laugh and take your pleasures where you can in this dark and sad world. Be the change you want to see ❤️#bethechange #mlkquotes ♥️ DD

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Tarot Newsflash!

Queen Alice complete box with silver edge is in stock and available.

Gold Edition Mermaid Tarot box inventory is on its way and slated to arrive June 11th. Anyone who has pre-ordered is on a list and will be sent their deck first.

Mermaid Muslin Bag with no edge is now in stock at a discount price.

And let me introduce my exciting new baby!

Meow! Just taking this lock down opportunity to draw a new deck ! Witchy Cat Tarot 😺now in the works! 💫😻🌙Preorder of this Deck will be available closer to launch date .

The original framed black and white and painted color originals will be available for sale on my Etsy shop as soon as the deck is finished!

😸All proceeds go to printing and shipping this magical catty new deck!

⭐️The entire major arcana is almost finished and I’ll be sharing the progress of this new project with you as it goes.

They are mostly black and white pen and ink illustrations now but will be painted with watercolor soon like damedarcy mermaid tarot and Queen Alice.

The goal is to finish this deck in time to get it printed and shipped to release by Halloween 2020!

Yes covid has been a bitch ,and it has caused some delays in shipping, but we’re still going , working hard to deliver your orders because I appreciate your support of my art so much!

At least the lockdown has been a good time to utilize this moment to be productive and creative.

Best of health to you and your family. Magic Mermaid Blessings Very Merry Unbirthday from Alice and Meow! ♥️ DD


Do you want to know your luckiest times to meet somebody new? My friend Amber Blase created a timeline that uses your deep astrology to make it easier to find a strong and lasting connection. Go on over to her site to get your free (perpetual) 30 day astrology dating timeline and 5 day mini course.

Amber has over 20 years of experience in studying couple compatibility through astrology.

It’s not your fault because when you’re getting tons of planetary love energy from the cosmos it’s just like getting hit with “Cupid’s arrow” which is great unless it makes you fall hard for the wrong people.

So yeah, it’s complicated. That’s why Amber created the Strong Connection Dating Powers course where you can get your 2020 and 2021 Timelines and explore your relationship timing with the Partner Timeline Tool. Plus you’ll get hours of instruction and worksheets and the skills and support you need to be lucky in love. And right now you’ll get a discount and Amber is offering a free bonus 1-on-1... just because Dame Darcy sent you!

It’s possible that this isn’t a good time for you to invest in your love life right now, (after all the world is going through uncertain times). That’s why I’m glad that even if you can’t spring for the course you can still get access to your free 30 day Timeline and 5 day mini course. And your timeline will work for you even if you’re social distancing and can’t meet new partners in person right away!

If you’ve ever thought that astrology timing is a big reason why some relationships fail while others feel fated you’re 100% right. Now you can use the secrets in the stars to create the relationship of your dreams (instead of your nightmares).

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