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^V^ DD closet ^v^

After 25 years of hoarding vintage fashion and couture, now you can reap the benefits by taking a peek into Dame Darcy’s closet. Unique one of a kind fashion now available!

T-shirts. These designs were made for Tokyo based designer Ku / Baby Doll as part of my “13” line back in 2003. These were in a time capsule at K Records who used to fulfil my orders, they were recently found and sent to me again. T shirt’s and panties sizes run small because that’s all that’s left. But the models give you an idea of how they fit. Thanks Zoe and Devon!

Just in time for Valentines Day I heart Bat’s T and Red “Worship Here” Panties

Witch T

Ghost T

Mermaid T



Black velvet dress

Butterfly dress


Pirate Boots

Hand painted boots

Carpet Bag

^v^ Happy Valentines Day! ^v^ Celebrate with one of a kind Valentine Dolls and Doll wearables.

Amorette Valentine Doll

Valentine Doll necklace

^v^ Cups ^v^

^v^ Autobiography ^v^ Hey! So Feral House is publishing my graphic novel autobiography entitled Hi Jax & Hi Jinx (Life’s a Pitch and Then You Live Forever) . It will be released this fall 2018. Until then I’ll be posting updates and making video’s etc. Never before seen chapters, “wit” and “wisdom”. Video’s and snipets will be posted with illustrations on You Tube and special releases for Patrons eyes only. Here’s a lil something from the L.A. chapter.

"----------------REALITY!------------------------------It was here in extras casting calls I discovered I could get picked as: Normal White Girl On A Date. Opening now before me, was the wondrous gift to get paid to really fuck shit up while getting tons of international free promotion for my comix. When it came time to shoot the show, I would subvert and high jack the set into being a Dada surreal prank on all cast and crew. This particular type of Dada-prank immersive-theatre fuckery comes naturally to me, but now, with an ALL-New, trending, twist! On the sets of these dating shows I planned it so that they had already paid me, Hi-jacking the entire cast and crew at the location, so there was no turning back. I lured one date by first saying “O-ma God! I can’t wait to show you my sexy swimsuit in the hot tub!” Then I demurely went to the ladies’ room to put on my “swim suit” and hopped out into the lobby wearing my mermaid costume. When my date walked into the pool area of the hotel and saw I had magically transformed into a mermaid in the Jacuzzi the camera zoomed into his shocked face just before I splashed him when he tried to talk to me. Only replying in “Mermese” making high shrieks and trills like a dolphin, continuing to splash him."-------------------------------------------------

Mermaid Tarot cards


Blog + Hand-designed Love Letter + Stickers + Monthly Spell Kit with 3-4 Magical Treats + Dame Darcy Product

It's common to say grace before meals. I say grace before the cabaret, grace before I open a book, grace before sketching, painting, swimming, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink. Thank you and thank the goddess I found you, my lovely co-creator for making this dream a reality! Now let’s go have some fun!

This kit upgrade gets an exclusive extra goodies every month! This may be candles, a piece of magical jewellery, magical paper, incense, or crystals. Plus, every box contains one item from Dame Darcy’s shop!


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