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Ostara Holiday Box ! Happy International Women's Day! Queen Alice Tarot is Back! Paper Doll Drea

In honor of Women’s Day I made dolls of all diversity and races, including mermaids, time traveling Rococo Princesses and fantasy ones with green and purple skin. We all have a heart and a soul and share this and all worlds together and should stand by each other as sisters.

The Comic Book making workshop at Neighborhood Comics turned out great! The kids came up with amazing ideas and Joe W. Sams started a new series The Guy Who Waves At Things, which I think is up to 60 pages at this point! Check him out on Instagram as Uncle Dad Productions, and thanks for the help Joe!

I crafted a new and improved kid friendly version of my Paper Doll / Coloring book zine Paper Doll Dreams which is now available for everyone! Check out the video!

Mabel Maven witch Doll, with spell jar full of tiny violet stars accessory , handmade gift card signed to you or a loved one, stickers, jewels, and postcards, with personalised decorated box.

5 inches tall one of a kind, hand sculpted, hand painted, doll couture hand sewn dress. Jointed posable arms and legs for play or show. Perfect fit for doll houses and all doll house furniture.

We had some printing issues with Queen Alice Tarot just before Christmas, but now we’ve received our 4 of Wands replacement card to make the deck complete, and can now offer you the Complete Deck with Replacement Card “Four of Wands” (WITHOUT SILVER EDGE) .

The replacement card has no silver edge , but fortunately it blends in well with the rest of the deck and is the same size as the other cards and the same high quality printing and glossy finish.

This is a limited edition collectors deck. And the only print run.

But because the 4 of wands does not have a silver edge we are offering it at a lower price than the complete perfect Queen Alice Deck.

included with Queen Alice Tarot Deck with (SILVER EDGE) and Box is the meanings booklet instruction comic.

These are hand made one of a kind gift boxes, available now on my store. However, the beautiful souls who support my Patreon receive one of a kind art items such as these ( and more) every month as gifts through the mail.

Special Thanks to 'Pleasant' of Moped Magazine! ( I’m getting a new moped for St. Patties Parade and will update with pics soon!

Thank you for your continued support! Your the best friend a mermaid witch could ask for 🌈❤️🙏😀

Love ❤️

Dame Darcy

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