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Bands Of Power / Witchy Cat Tarot / Veg Cookbook / 2021 Witch Calendar/ Thanks New Patrons !

👑✨🌈🔥🌟Welcome to the Patron Family new patron Pomme De Terre !! ⚡️💥⭐️💫

🌙We’re officially at 90 patrons! 🤩And thank you new August Patrons! 🙏😍You’ll all be included in the #patron #painting #raffle for #sketchtember #september! ✨🎁💝🎁

💝🎁💝Cookin up some beautiful #paintings and #fineart #prizes for you! Winner will be announced live on @damedarcy insta on Saturday August 29th at 7pm EST 🙏😀

and Welcome to the Patron Family dozen new patrons total !! ⭐️Magdaliz Alvarez ⭐️Red Poterack ⭐️ Lorlei Warmack ⭐️ Brian Hughes ⭐️ Tea Grafton ⭐️ David Williams ⭐️Elsbeth Van der Poel ⭐️ Curtis Flowers ⭐️ Bianca ⭐️ Erin Fuller ⭐️ Kim Tam ⭐️ Please contact me anytime in Pateron convos to book your personal a tarot reading !!

Here’s the 2 paintings we will be voting for the Painting Raffle #winner for September!

Carol and Bev always have so much fun !

And ❤️ ❤️ 2 ft. X 3 ft. one of a kind. Original framed pen and ink #illustration of #rococo #ai Beauties painted with #glitter #watercolor in a #gold #ornate #frame with gold carved details.

The ultimate #valentine for your #love any time of year. ❤️#seasonofthewitch

We’re doing a ritual with guest star ⭐️ Sharokin aka Whirling Shaman on this Weds 19th August at 5pm est 🕰 Sharokin Betgevargiz is a Mesa carrier shaman, who has walked the Medicine Wheel at the Four Winds Light Body School. She comes from a lineage of Ananaki, Assyrians, Persians, and Indigenous Peoples. Holding sacred space, she functions as a conduit for clients to heal themselves through sacred journeys and rituals. She loves working with young men and women who are ready to transform from being a homosapien to evolving homoluminious beings. For more info follow her at @whirling_shaman or see her Facebook Page.

She will offer the Bands of Power through an energetic virtual transmission. You will need the following, a quiet space along a willingness to go within, 15-20 minutes, a crystal or any rock (Kuya), and a candle. She will energetically ignite your stones/crystals with her Shamanic lineage Kuya—thereby making the transmission direct over time and space. Using indigenous technology she will install these bands onto your energy field creating energetic protection through love and oneness.



I will⭐️⭕️⭐️ #castcircle #calltothefourcorners and guide us through a #ritual live on Dame Darcy insta at 5pm est for 45 min. 💫Please join us for the ✨💫Bands Of Power ✨🙏🤩ritual which helps #alignchakras #healyourheart and #groundyourself ⚡️🌈⭐️please join us live and bring your favorite #stones #elements or #crystals !

Thank you patrons 🙏😀🕰

for buying me the time to work on #witchycattarot ⭐️🐱 ⭐️its now officially #halfwaythere!!

All patrons $35 and up will receive #witchycat #damedarcytarot as soon as it arrives from the printer. 🌟⭐️🙏💝

💕💥The deadline goal is to be finished by the end of this month and have Witchy Cat preorder available by 🎃Halloween #halloween 👻 then available to supporters and patrons over $35 for ⭐️Yuletide/ Christmas! ⭐️

The #allnew #witchcalendar #2021Calendar is now at the printers and currently available for #prepreorder 🌙💫⭐️🌟✨🌙#paganholidays #multicultural #celebrations #magic #lore #mooncycles #spells and other #funfacts !

Don’t forget our new stickers ! ⭐️patrons get for free ! love ❤️ And magic blessings! ⭐️🙏 🧝🏻‍♀️

Also from Dame Darcy / UNKNOWN publishing.

A collaborative art publication. Taking its inspiration from the old east village and

printed works like Propaganda. MOPED Magazine is a retro inspired periodical that celebrates late 70’s, 80’s and mid 1990’s influenced Art, Music and Culture.


Moped issue 3, 64 pages, versus 44 of the previous issues. In this issue: vh1’s, Joey Badass Dj and Co-founder of Pro era, Powers Pleasant. Star of stage, TV and Dance, the Fabulous Pearls daily. Swiss Moped world traveling solo explorer, television director, Maggies Miles A web series. New York City’s, Dutch, Founder Dirty Plugs Moped club, Los Angeles’s "the guy who waves at things" from Uncle Dad Productions and special feature, How to build your own clubhouse retro arcade experience! Arcade 1UP and more!

ISSUE 3 LAUNCHES August 22nd

Buy via:

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