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Livestream Witchy Friends Interviews / New Patrons / Raffle / Dolls

Check out the short version of the interview with @veronicavarlow #lovewitch ❤️today on damedarcy Instagram! ❤️ She’s working on a new book profiling her #sexpositivity #empowering #philosophy also her #engagementring made from her #fiancé tooth and #blackdiamonds 🦷❤️love it!


New Dolls now on Etsy!

The Meat Cake Manor doll house is finished next is the real thing!

Tune in tomorrow Saturday Aug 29th 6pm to reveal the Patron #painting raffle winner!

New patrons will be announced and we now have 95 members of the patron family!

All patrons $1 And up can win !

Plus live tarot readings ❤️

Your support is helping to print the new witchy cat tarot deck. It’s over half finished now.

Tomorrow’s #ezbakecoven guest star at the raffle will be @whirling_shaman #assyrian #mystic & certified #shaman ! ⭐️ Sharokin Betgevargiz

Love you ladies! And love you patrons!

Feeling so blessed to have you #magicfriends ❤️In my life 🌈✨💕🙏😍


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