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Witchy Cat Tarot / Mermaid Tarot / 2021 Calendar / Halloween Event /Nov Patron Raffle

Meow! Happy Halloween ! 

So excited to announce the Witchy Cat Tarot Deck is finally finished! 

It’s currently available for Pre-order so it won’t be available from the printer until early spring 2021. 

Full color high quality card stock like Mermaid and Queen Alice. 

Witchy Cat flip box deck with no border for the first edition to keep this deck affordable for everyone. 

Witchy Cat Tarot is based on the classic Ryder Waite. Hand drawn with pen and ink and hand painted watercolor and love by yours truly. 

Love and kitty kisses ❤️ 

The classic Mermaid Tarot images and beautiful flip box designed with a nautical style that compliments the classic Mermaid Tarot card design.

78  illustrated mermaid and nautical themed tarot cards with a plain edge based on the traditional Ryder Waite Smith deck.

Magic Mermaid blessings 🧜🏻‍♀️❤️🧜🏻‍♀️ 

Dame Darcy🎃Never Not Goth 💀a Grave Face event💀 Friday, October 30 th 5 to 10 PM 🎃21 and up ⭐️ Free #halloweenparty ! 🎃 #darkwavedisco #classic80s and #industrial ⭐️at Southbound Brewery 107 E. Lathrop Ave.Sav 31415 🎃DJ Jose ray ⭐️DJ Dame Darcy with #assarian #shaman ⭐️ Sharokin  @whirling_shaman #castingthecircle for our #halloween #witchcraftritual

Welcome new patrons! 

Paula Martins

Laura Swanton

Daniel Thomas

Angel Rose 

Cathy Fitzhugh 

And Welcome Back Eidolon! Thank you for Upping your support! 

We have some Thing extra special for the month of November ! 

To celebrate the Mermaid Tarot Gold Edition being profiled in the Library of Esoterica Taschen book this super fun limited edition gift box includes the book, a Gold edition deck and a gold glitter bottle with the inscription “Drink up Witches” with a witch hat. So much Golden Glittery magic in one box! 

3 gift boxes will be raffled ! 

1 for all patrons $1 and up 

1 for $75. Patrons 


1 for everyone in the $50 tier! 

This Patron Raffle is live on damedarcy Instagram Thursday 29th of Oct at 8pm est. See you there and so excited to see who wins! 

Love❤️ and magic blessings ⭐️ Dame Darcy

Gold Taschen gift box for patrons is also available now on etsy ⭐️

Don’t forget your 2021 Witch Calendar! We’re offering you a limited time only coupon code on etsy as a Halloween gift :  20% off  with the code WITCH2021 all caps! featuring characters from Meat Cake Comics.  Spells for all seasons, moon cycles, plus all inclusive Pagan Holidays, feminist fun facts and lots of other tips and crafts.  Thank you for your support throughout the years and let’s make 2021 extra magical! 


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