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Framed Original Art to print Witchy Cat Tarot & New Calendar | Patron Painting Raffle

Thanks for upping your support Stacy MacBlane -Meyer and Christian Brown ❤️🌈😍Welcome back Eidolon 🎁♥️and welcome new patrons Erin Fuller and Jesse River!

Join me live ! All patrons $1 and up will be able to vote on which painting prize 🖼 🎨you want for the month of August and the lucky raffle winner will be announced with the painting prize shipped the next day! ⭐️🎁🎉

Plus live tarot readings afterwards , with Queen Alice Tarot 🔮🗝so get those questions ready! ❤️

Weds July 29th at 6pm on Dame Darcy Instagram.

Love lavender laughter and light, everybody! 🌈🧜🏻‍♀️ 🌊 ❤️

A Lucky Winner got the smaller framed version of this watercolor painting based on Meatcake comix characters painting raffle a couple months ago. 🌊🧜🏻‍♀️

😍🙏I received feed back and messages that others wanted this painting too.

⭐️😍🙏So I’m in the process of making a print for you guys. 🌈🎨 Until then here’s a video showing the painting process for a different one of a kind bigger version also framed, that will now be available to vote on as your next 💕Patron Family 💕prize in the raffle at the end of July for $1- and up 😆🙏😀 !!!

The paintings and frames have become more elaborate because the Patron treasure chest has reached over the halfway mark of our goal! All new stickers , spells and handmade gifts and cards for you ! Thanks to You Patron Family! ❤️

Were getting closer to acquiring Meat Cake Manor Artist Retreat and Goddess reparations center 💕and when it’s ready Patrons of all tiers will be able to stay for free weekend getaways 😉😀🌈🙏 love you all so much!

Pleasant built a dollhouse version for inspiration . Best birthday gift ever! Just installed the stained glass door and bat wing shutters for the doll tower.

It’s a ton of fun thinking of new prizes for you and great to talk with you at the live stream events 🌈💕⭐️🎨❤️⭐️ You are my inspiration! ❤️

Framed Original art from the Calendar available now to fund printing the 2021 Witch Calendar featuring the ladies from Meat Cake Comics.

12 month calendar released in October this year in time for Halloween!

All pages with spells, daily fun facts and activities, patron saints, feminism, moon cycles, and Pagan Holidays.

Framed Art 🖼 from the archives of Queen Alice Tarot . All original one of a kind hand drawn and watercolor illustrations used to make the template for Queen Alice Tarot.

All proceeds go towards printing the magical new Witchy Cat tarot deck.

⭐️ ✨⭐️💫We are very pleased to announce Mermaid Tarot is included in the recently released Taschen Art book, The Library Of Esoterica 🌈🧜🏻‍♀️So happy and thankful to celebrate our Mermaid Tarot Deck in the inclusion of this beautiful #book ! 📚

Thanks to everyone who supported this deck for making this possible!

Our fortune telling cards are now an official worldwide Etsy Bestseller and distributed on four continents. 🌎

We are very #honoured by the inclusion of our art design in Taschen this is 🌈❤️🙏📚 seriously a life goal to be published by this esteemed Fine Art publisher ⭐️✨💕⭐️✨.

The book will be released August 2020 and available at the following link

and in fine bookstores and museums, including the Tate Modern (UK), The Museum of Modern Art, (New York, New York), The Getty Museum, (Los Angeles California), The Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, (New York, New York), PS1 NYC and other locations where Taschen are sold.

Extra special thanks to Pleasant Art for the overall layout and box design of both this deck and the Queen Alice tarot.

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