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Donation for medical supplies! Thanks! And exciting new Updates!

Hey 👋 Hope you had a Delightful Flower filled Beltaine 🌹🍄🌈❤️🌺🌷

We made 21 sales of the Queen Alice Perfect box deck using the coupon code last week and we’re able to donate 20 % of total profits to get medical supplies for overworked care givers.

Thank you #damedarcytarot supporters for helping me help the medics! Mom was a hospital nurse so it really touches my heart to be able to help.

Day of the dead mermaid fashion corona masks still available. And will remain in stock throughout the pandemic, but styles will change and be updated depending on whatever fabric prints I can find. Fashion masks are the new panties for the face! Ha ha!

Granny Mannequin is doing a good job Social Distancing with her corona proof face mask.

Cotton day of the dead / mermaid print with comfy watery printed soft pj flannel lining inside and stretch lace holds securely in place. These are one of a kind, hand sewn so the print pattern varies.

Sewn in sterile conditions using prewashed fabric

I’ve included a few examples of this fun fabric print on the Etsy store and there’s a cute cupcake one too.

Free shipping within the US


Updates! So Many exciting things are happening.

Not only were we happy to announce last week that the Alice complete deck with four of wands silver edge card and box are now available.


We also have available the replacement card Alice in stock at a discounted price.

Gold edition mermaid tarot with the box is still in stock but we will Soon be offering a mermaid deck for discount with no gold edge that comes in an elegant Muslin draw string nautical bag. So keep those peepers peeled for updates.

I’m now beginning to work on A NEW DECK ! Here’s the beginning of some art work inspiration for it to share with you as the seed of an idea.

Witch Cat tarot, and a tarot meanings book mash up daily diary journal with fun activities entitled Musings and Meanings.

So excited to launch these new items this year, and thank you supporters of the decks , with extra special love to you wonderful patrons for your support!

Welcome 20 new patrons to the Family ! Raffle day and time for the month of June will be announced soon. Here’s one of the art choices that will be available to vote between 2. It will be framed in time for the raffle ❤️ This Original watercolor painting exemplifies the key to unlocking your innate inner wisdom to pleasure and creativity. Patrons of all tiers $1 and up have a chance to win live on Instagram and framed work will be sent with tracking through the mail.

Also all patrons can set up a virtual tarot reading with me anytime. 🌈❤️

Thank you for the awesome layout readings and pics on Instagram of the Mermaid and Queen Alice tarot! @lumeriastar and @infinatecosmos_tarot beautiful!

Best wishes and best of health to you and your family

🌈❤️ Love Dame Darcy

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