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Valentine Specials/All ages Comics Workshop/Tarot Updates/ Thank you Patrons! Love DD

Valentine Death and the Maiden giclee prints ready now :)

hand signed for you or a loved one.

Limited edition Valentine Box includes Hand crafted one of a kind doll Madame Amata, Queen Alice tarot includes silver edge 4 of wands card from first edition.

Masquerade Mask in black with pink roses. Postcard, handmade valentine, stickers, hand crafted mermaid chocolate box and voodoo doll.

Free shipping :) and most of all Love from yours truly. ❤️ Dame Darcy

Try this Vegan Valentine raw food chocolate cake on date nite or for your friends on Galentines Day :) The dolls go gaga for it! The receipe is included in Faeiry Food cookbook

Mermaid Gold edition still available and is doing better than ever! Thanks for your continued support of my Mermaid deck baby.

dates on #damedarcyqueenalicetarot ❤️💌❤ ️We’re currently waiting on our printer for Alice in China. SARS, Chinese New Year and Trumps embargo have caused a lot of delays. We still have Mermaid Tarot gold edition in stock and Alice without the 4 of wands (due to the printer misprint in 2018 we got dead stock) so we’re looking for an American printer to do just the 4 of wands card. We will have an idea this week of when 4 of wands replacement card will be available. This will make the complete Alice deck 1/2 price collectors edition when we include the 4 of wands (without silver, so it won’t match the rest of the deck) this fixes the dead stock and makes the Alice deck complete but different from any other print run. Anyways, that’s what we’ll have with Alice decks till China stops being special needs. More updates to come and thanks for being so supportive of my deck baby Alice ❤️

Due to rarity, Until we get the 4 of wands card printed, the only way to get the Alice deck is in the limited edition exclusive Valentine box.

NEIGHBORHOOD COMICS While Visiting Savannah GA. (or if you already live here) please feel free to attend this all ages fun zine and comix workshop / class! :) Sunday February 23rd from 2:00-4:00pm

Comics, Graphic Novels, and zines are a wonderful way for kids and their parents express themselves and experience the fun of self publishing.

Dame Darcy cartoonist on Fantagraphics Books for 30 years can teach both how to be inspired and creative as well as practical ways to put your ideas into action.

The 2 hour comix and zines class covers creating your own concept and character design, individual influences and comics history, story telling, story boarding, writing style, and how to never have writers block.

Kids will produce their own double sided 10 page comic book which is then printed (via photocopier) to make a comic they can later gift to friends and family.

It can also be made into a template and be put online as an e‐book or a web comic, if they choose.

$15 for an individual or parent with $5 each additional child. Kids 8 and up preferred.

Welcome to the Patron family Juliette Evans,Nicole Simpson🌈❤️ and James Casey! 🌈❤️

Thanks James and Natalie Gurrerro for upping your Patron support! Higher tier patrons get more and bigger prizes like original framed paintings, art dolls, tshirts, and drawings and limited edition prints books and other exclusive prizes.

Smaller tier patrons receive, personalized spell postcards, voodoo dolls, zines, coloring pages, masks to color, signed giclee prints, hand crafted personalized cards & love letters, one off tarot cards, stickers, jewlery, and other fun presents from the secret surprise center plus more. I'm working on a new series of postcards that fit together into one big puzzle image when you've received them all, inspired by kids collector cards from the 80's.

And don’t forget! I’m running a special this week for patrons of all tiers to call and get a tarot reading from me for Valentines Day because I love you! ❤️ write me at to set up a time / day. ❤️ DD

Special thanks to all Patrons! Mariah Aiyana, James Casey, Natalie Guerrero, Timothy Ragsdale, Nerissa Cleys, Thaedra Aiyana, Jay Anderson, Patrick Hambrecht, Colin Kerr, Juliette C Evans, Claire Abernathy, Nicole Simpson, Rosa Brodsky, Pandora Witts, Rachel McComb, Britta Crone, Jessica Ayers, Christy Killough, Nathaniel Dory, Elizabeth Ann Lowry, Hilary Oakes, Spy Emerson, Tara T Tavi, Richie Goff, Diomira Rusalka, Kelly Crodian-Shuff, Catherine Englehart, Mandy Trumbull, Valeska Griffiths, Midge Belickis, Margaret Kunz, Jessica DiMaio, Shenandoah Bauer, Shantell Powell, Jack butler, Joseph Kyle, Caitlin Savage, Gigi Lizzy, Patrick Engleman, Mindy Sue Bell, Andrea Ferrente, Christin Light, Joshua Conly, Christopher Svara, Voog, Jean-Jaques Tachdjian, Oona Annwn, Ellia Bisker, Christiane Cegavske, Maude Potter, Elle Erickson, Ruadhan

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