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New Years live Tarot Readings/ Coupon codes / Painting/ 2020 Calendars/ a Pleasant Surprise Write a

Happy New Year!

Come to our live tarot reading party where I’ll read from #damedarcymermaidtarot on Instagram just for you!

Send me a message while we’re live and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have for the new year!

Monday December 30th from 7-8pm! My insta handle is @DameDarcy. Happy New Year!


Discount coupon code now available for a limited time only for the Mermaid Tarot! So if you’ve had your eye on this deck now is the time to get you or that special someone a tarot treat!

USE CODE: "MERMAZING" at Checkout for 15% off

Holiday gift boxes are still available and will continue while supplies of the 2020 witch calendar last!

This is our last print run! Get your 2020 Witch Calendar and celebrate the new decade by living your most magic self! Pagan holidays, fun witchy facts, multicultural lore and Herstory, Meat Cake Characters, Moon cycles, and spells all in one handy dandy Full-color calendar useful all year long!

USE CODE: “DARCYART” at checkout Discount:Sale, 25% off All Fine Art and Prints.

All hand painted prints, framed fine art pieces and larger paintings are for sale with the coupon code. Payment plans are available as well as negotiable prices on bigger pieces.

Hang these new watercolor mermaid puzzle paintings any way you want! Make it abstract, put it together to create a larger picture, or have your series tie in separate rooms. You can get them individually or all together. These one of a kind original paintings are watercolor with glitter and silver details so they really sparkle and shine while at the same time retain those earthy tones and textures of high quality water color paper.

After years of trying I’m ecstatic to announce I got into the union as a scenic painter for movies this year! I specialise in murals, sign painting, Trump De’ Loil (meaning trick of the eye, images that look real but are painted) feaux finishing patinas, marble, wood, doll crafting / fabrication for animation, aging and dying.

I’m currently working at the Isetta Inn in Savannah to create themed art room experiences, please feel free to visit and check them out!

I’m also available as a free lance painter to create these looks in your home. Celebrity clients include Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Cobain, Margaret Cho and more. Just in case you don’t happen to be a celebrity I can work within your budget and have made murals for numerous kids rooms.

I also am available to do portraits and pet portraits on canvas or Watercolor. I can complete a mural within a few days, so it doesn’t take long. And I travel often anywhere on the East Coast and particularly California. So location is no object. To Commission me please contact with “Commission” in the subject line.

2020 is a new decade, we’ve worked really hard to make reality a better place and are really close to getting Meat Cake Manor Haunted House Hotel set up in Savannah The Most Haunted City in America. Thanks for all your support over the years in making these dreams come true! Updates, prizes and more are available to patrons , as well as being able to stay for free at the hotel for a haunted romance weekend getaway. Join our patron family in 2020 and make Meat Cake Manor happen this year!

It’s hard for mermaids and fantasy creatures to adult in a landlubber world. Besides getting close to buying the house I got a Pleasant Surprise for Xmas ! I’m happy to announce I got engaged to Pleasant!

Thanks to all of you for your support and for being such wonderful friends. We are so blessed and thankful to have you in our lives and are looking forward to a new year and fresh decade with Love and Liberty! May all your wishes come true in 2020! Art is life!

Love ❤️

Dame Darcy, Mr. Pleasant and Isabelle Doll

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