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Dame Darcy Black Friday Sale

Celebrating Black Friday from my black heart to yours ! All 12 inch Crocodolls, Voodoo Dolls and 5 inch dolls that come in coffins now on Sale 25% Off

with coupon code : 'DOLLS' at Checkout or click the link.

For limited time only just for the Holidays!


*When a USA shopper spends $35 and up, your order ships free!


10% Use Code: 'MAKEUP'

GOTH MERMAID IN STOCK & AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! After two years in development we are now pleased to announce to the World GOTH Mermaid© by Dame Darcy. The World’s first female cartoonist make up series. Packaging designed in collaboration with Pleasant art and developed to look like mermaid scales. Reflecting an organic and natural form while also being vegan and cruelty free. Each color was hand picked by yours truly. Each one reflecting My sense of personal style and emanating beachy sand colors, including: glitter white, aqua, pink, glitter, matte black and more. With the GOTH Mermaid © Dame Darcy palette you can create a variety of looks, Mermaid, goth or combine the aqua and black for Goth Mermaid! High fashion meets Mermaid and Goth! We are now shipping orders for this new iconic makeup set! Order GOTH Mermaid © Dame Darcy palette today! LINDSAY WOODS REVIEW (*Portuguese)

USE CODE: 'HOLIDAYS' at Checkout or click the link Discount: 25% off when you spend $100

Holiday gift boxes include, Goth Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette Mermaid tarot voodoo doll stickers postcards and other prizes.

Queen Alice Tarot will only be available as part of the holiday Alice Gift Box and contain a tarot deck 2020 witch calendar voodoo doll stickers postcards and more.

Voodoo dolls are also available now sold separately on Etsy and yes the 'DOLL' coupon code applies to them! Each comes with a sticker and they are CBD Lavender oil infused.

Sachets are super cute, and embodying the southern gothic charm like a Gris Gris bag containing real cotton picked locally in Central Georgia, sterilized moss and fabric leaves infused with Lavender CBD oil to calm the mind and body.

CBD oil infused sleeping masks are also available and sachets.

Patrons are receiving all of these as prizes!

Welcome new Patrons ⭐️🙏⭐️ Entity, Witchie Richie and Gigi Lizzie Lumbley to the Patron family! Thanks so much!

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