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Hey Friends!

So excited and happy to announce that Heritage Auctions is now offering this once in a lifetime opportunity to auction the original comics pages from many of my most iconic works. We're currently in the process of getting Meat Cake Manor Haunted House Hotel now, so that's why I'm letting go of these originals to fund the house. Originals from my Cobweb series collaboration with Alan Moore, Pete Bagge's Hate comic, The compilation with Tori Amos, and Meat Cake comics from the early 90's. I'm mining the last of my gold to put into the Haunted House and after this, the original pages will be in the hands of collectors and available no more. Here's links to where you can see some of the pages for auction, pages will be available to bid on throughout the remainder of the year. If you want to keep checking up on available pages, please go to and search for Dame Darcy. ^v^ <3

We evacuated Savannah and survived Hurricane Dorian so I'm offering a coupon code for 20% off all items in the store. Part of the proceeds will go to the red cross each month and updates will be posted. So if you've been thinking about getting that painting, tarot, doll in my shop for the upcoming Holiday season, or just for fun, now is the time to get discounts on tarot decks and contribute to a good cause in the process. Please use the coupon code TAROIFIC only those in the know have this code :) I moved to Savannah 7 years ago with the dream of buying my own home to make into the Meat Cake Manor haunted house hotel, and now the reality of this becoming a wonderful experience for everyone is closer than ever.

Besides becoming a much beloved Patron on Pateron, if you have any ideas or resources to help this project along, you can contact me here at Please put Meat Cake Manor in the subject line. Patrons receive hand made prizes, books, spells, postcards and art from me every month, but when the hotel starts you will also be able to have free weekend romantic getaways for a prize as well.

Pleasant Art and I created a powerpoint pitch detailing Meat Cake Manor if you have any questions and want to know more, please view!

Thanks for joining my mailing list, and for your continued support! You, dear friend and readers, are the cornerstone to my survival. And I will love you forever. Life is art! Magic Mermaid Blessings, Dame Darcy

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