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Original Illustrations! Free tarot Wholesale shipping! Tour pics! Thanks everyone! Love DD!

So excited to announce Gallery 30 South in Pasadena is representing the illustrations now from Hi Jax & Hi Jinx ! Now you too can own a wacky part of art history for an affordable price. Thank you Matt Kennedy ! Please feel free to contact him here, and thanks for your support Dear Reader.

Excited and happy to announce Discounts on wholesale orders now available for both Mermaid Gold Edition and and Queen Alice decks with free shipping for stores!

we are offering the new Gold Edition Mermaid deck with the gold gilded card edges and box for the same price as the old deck without box .

The Meanings for the Mermaid Tarot are posted on in the tarot section.

The Gold Edition Mermaid tarot is on high quality card stock with a magnetic snap box.

The Queen Alice Tarot deck features the same box, gilded silver edges on the cards, but also includes a instructional cartoon insert that links on how to craft your own booklet using the template showing the meanings on one side then flips upside down to show the reverse meanings on the other.

The usual price point for retail on the cards is $50. You can sell it for more in your store if you want, some stores that buy from me mark it as for $60 and the decks still sell well.

Due to our printing costs, when you order 30 decks or less it's 30% off which is $35. each deck wholesale.

31 decks or more is 50 % off

Which is $25. each deck wholesale.

We are happy to announce shipping is now Free and included on all wholesale orders for domestic shipping!

Foreign order shipping has to be calculated depending on region.

Your tracking guarantee will be sent when your order is shipped.

PayPal is best for payment:

Best Wishes and Magic Blessings,

Dame Darcy

(212) 390-0513

Shout out to everyone who made the book / music tour so fun, fabulous and successful!

Updates on the tour diary can be seen as a gift for patrons. Thanks new patrons for joining! It was great to meet Patrons Chris and Natalie in person, thanks for coming to the events!

Fan Fav!

Strega Hex from Puerto Rico, profiling Meat Cake comix Strega Pez in a cosplay photoshoot. Really love your interpretation and creativity!

Special thanks to Pleasant art and Joe Sams for all the fabulous photos and video, the book / music tour could not have happened without you.

Wacko Le luz de Jesus and MeowMeowz! In L.A!

Amazing to perform with Nora Keyes, Bebe Mc Phereson and Darcey Leonard.

Thanks for all your support LA friends, and fantastic to see Camille Rose Garcia, Kembra Phaller, Tony Millionaire and Brandon Roe and Tara Walters.

Special thanks to Joe Sams at Uncle Dad Productions

We got photo bombed by Regan!

Mission Comics & Art in

San Francisco,

Escapist Comic Bookstore in Berkley

Monster Women xtra thanks to Aimee Taylor and Courtney Jaxon

and the Beaverettes!

Such wonderful songstresses.

Sirens Song in

Eureka, CA



0408 430 3rd st.

Eureka, CA 95501

Little Shop of Hers

Eureka, CA 95501

Fred at Aquarius Books in

Grants Pass, OR

My dear pal Calvin Johnson (K Records) and

Browsers Bookshop

Olympia Washington

Pat Moriarity and the fantastic evening we shared at

Fantagraphics Bookstore

Sailor Hank Productions and Kook Teflon

Rainbowgore Cake Not So Sweet 16

Jackie, Josh Hartvigson

Seattle WA

Floating World Comics and Gallery

Paul Montone at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art)

Pacific North West College of Art Lecture & Book Signing in Portland Oregon, and Special thanks to Lila Wickham at the Cannon Beach Arts Association & Cannon Beach Gallery.

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