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For November all you wonderful patrons got tons of fun prizes and hand written spell gift post cards plus the All New Limited Edition Blue Vinyl 7 inch record with songs from Meat Cake comix about Wax Wolf and Cutting.

Thanks to Susan Hwang and Charlie Neiland from The Bushwick Book Club / Lusterlit :) Also available now at the shop :)

ALL December Patrons $5. and up get the 2019 Witch Calendar for a Yuletide Season Gift! Or get yours here

Moon phases, fun feminist facts, spells, and so much more!

Now that each Alice deck is complete and comes with a 4 of wands, all back orders have been shipped and all 4 of wands cards sent to their rightful owners.

I am doing a little mini tour with a few shows for the Halloween season doing tarot readings and have both my new Tarot decks available for wholesale.

Please contact me directly : if you would like to stock the decks in your store for wholesale prices.

Thanks to you, the Queen Alice Tarot deck is now an Etsy Bestseller!

It features a beautiful sturdy magnetic snap box, gilded silver edges on the cards, but also includes a instructional cartoon insert that links on how to craft your own booklet using the template showing the meanings on one side then flips upside down to show the reverse meanings on the other.

To see more, please go to

I'll be in NYC and Philly from Nov.3rd till the 11th to do tarot reading events with my decks. Plus live performance doing all new songs, and book signings as a Rococo Ghost! Please feel free to attend :)

Nov.1st 7pm Wooden Shoe Books 704 South Street Philly PA DD, Kate Haegele, & Gravey Train Music and wacky ladies reading tarot, zines and comix.

Nov.3rd Day of The Dead Party!!!

acts: the Lou-Patrick-Luther band and DD Granny Ghost Song&Dance and tarot reading

DJ Scott Williams from WFMU

The FirePits of Anne Percocol

Saturday 8pm at the Hambrecht House a Benefit for Haven with Amy Albert ($10 suggested donation)

This is the home of my friend (so please don't share the address on social media)... 210 Duncan Jersey City. Gourmet food by Sarah Ibrahim and Gormet booze by Ed Stone French.

Curious and Curiouser , Cult Party 53 Waterbury st. Bklyn NY 11206 Nov. 9th 7:30 PM Tarot readings by DD & Sylva Sylvarvm Delicious specially concocted Alice Tea by Antidote Apothecary FREE

COLOR GIANTS in association with Comic Arts Brooklyn presents:

Cinema Comic Expo!!!

At: Brooklyn Fire Proof 102 Ingram St. Bklyn NY 11237 8pm Free.

Amazing movies and mixed media by Lisa Hammer Dame Darcy and others. All New Occult Cinema programs by H.R.Giger, Zev Deans & More!

DD music, book reading and Tarot Card Divination

So we are offering the new Gold Edition Mermaid deck with the gold gilded card edges and box for the same price as the old deck without box .

The Meanings for the Mermaid Tarot are posted on in the tarot section.


The Gold Edition Mermaid tarot is on high quality card stock with a magnetic snap box. To see details and view the unboxing please go to our video.

The usual price point for retail on the cards is $50. You can sell it for more in your store if you want, some stores that buy from me mark it as for $60 and the decks still sell well.

When you order under 30 decks it's

15 % off which is $40. each deck wholesale.

31 decks and up is 30 % off

Which is $35. each deck wholesale.

Shipping media mail within the US is very cost effective, and only applies to domestic shipping. The shipping rates depend on the amount of decks you order. And will come with a tracking number.


MOPED Magazine Issue #1

Featuring Dame Darcy's Band, Death By Doll and Hi Jax and Hi Jinx interviews along with Miss Cherry Delight, Artist, Pleasant, Amy Oneil and others.

Available now, visit: and instagram: @moped_mag

Very Merry Unbirthday!

Dame Darcy

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