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Queen Alice Tarot, Moped Magazine, Dolls, Hi Jax & Hi Jinx autobiography

Just finished my autobiography yesterday. Drew for days to squeeze the last couple of drawings in and frantically added more paragraphs. Horrified by my life and resulting book. My mind rests in the fact most people won't read it or care anyways. But regardless of this the next step is doing backflips continually to promote it. It's exhausting. Deadlines are hella stressful. Yesterday I woke up at crack of dawn to slip under the wire, my final eternal half baked concepts to be judged eternally. Then went out on a boat with a boomer lady and millennial guy n sat in the rain for hours watching an eagle family cuz I couldn't take it anymore.

The ALL NEW Queen Alice Tarot deck cards

are now at the printer thanks to your support! Here's the raw design for the box which is in production. And the back of the cards design.

Launch date is determined on the printer, but we expect to full-fill pre-orders by the end of this month to the first week of September from what we've been quoted.

Until then I'm offering the Alice Drink Me and Alice Singing Flowers hand signed, hand painted glitter prints and Alice stickers as gifts you will receive while you wait. Thank you very much for your patience and support.

We also still have a few Alice card deck framed originals available. All proceeds go towards the printing of the deck.

Queen Alice Tarot deck will be the same awesome card stock as Gold Edition Mermaid deck but Alice will have silver edges and also come in the same beautiful box with magnet inside clasp. Also included will be a doll sized illustrated booklet with the meanings of the cards as an homage to the original children's book classic.


Currently available for immediate delivery.

Order today, follow the link below to place your order.

New Exciting Pillows

Hand-Crafted glitter pillows and 90's vintage hand-signed Meatcake comix for Patrons (I didn't mean for the 1st picture to be so Sexy, so I am including both!) Love -DD



MOPED Magazine will be printed in full colour three times a year. The magazine shall be an international celebration of the moped way of life. Providing a unique take on the moped community, highlighting Fashion, Music, Art and of course Vintage mopeds. Magazines features shall include, Product reviews, Rider profiles, Celebrities, Bike profiles, Music reviews, scene coverage and more.

Dame Darcy's Fairey Food and Hi Jax and Hi Jinx shall be highlighted in issue 01. With a full article appearing in a future issue. Dame Darcy rides a French made, 1970 Peugeot 103 on occassion.

Moped Magazine was created was to offer a safe space especially for Women riders, Moped enthusiasts, collectors and non riders to appreciate vintage mopeds.

Moped Magazine veers slightly more towards a celebration of female moped enthusiasts Moped Magazine is open to All people and functions as a non judgemental platform for others to be introduced to and to share in the appreciation of vintage mopeds.

Issue one is now approaching completion and shall be launched in October.

*Please stay tuned for updates via the following social media links provided below.


MOPED Magazine is a nationally distributed periodical published 3 times a year devoted to Vintage Mopeds, Art, Music and Culture.





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