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Alice Original Art to get Alice Tarot Printed!

Alice is trippin on mushrooms again! Watch out world! Free shipping, and Every cent of proceeds from all Alice themed fine art goes to printing my new Alice Tarot deck, now in the works! ❤👑🌈🍄 This one of a kind fine art painting is 3 ft. Tall by 2 ft wide. Payment plans available 😊 🌈 contact me at: Acrylic Painted on canvas with glitter and lacquer, my heart, soul and every skill in the toolbox went into this piece depicting a place where we reside with Alice in wonderland.

Framed one of a kind black and white pen and ink originals available at affordable prices.

Through The Looking Glass classic Lewis Carroll Tenniel, a big influence! Aubrey Beardsley, erte, Edward Gorey, and illustrations from OZ books in 19 teens now a century ago John R. Neill also Nell Brinkley.❤💋👑💋❤💋👑💋❤

New Alice with the Singing Mushrooms Original Illustration Print! Each Hand Painted and Numbered Limited Edition Print is 9" x 11"$25 All proceeds go towards printing the new Alice Tarot deck.

Alice Drink Me Original Illustration PrintEach Hand Painted and NumberedLimited EditionPrint is 9" x 11"$25

A few quickies of the beginning stages of black and white illustrations for my new Alice Tarot deck. There are 50 so far and will be 78 total, hand painted and will come with an illustrated story book telling the meaning of each card plus quotes from the Lewis Carroll 1870s book I received as a child from my Grandma. Original Alice art from this project is now available. All funds go to the printing of the tarot cards. Patron support is also very much appreciated, and will help the decks get printed faster. 🍄❤👑 Magical Wonderland blessings to you !❤🌈

Hand Book For Hot Witches... Hot Witches of Herstory , Love Dame Darcy ---------------------------------------------------------------- Joan of Arc found a sword in a field when she was 10. She believed this sword was given to her from God and that it signified that she should become a soldier. Logic dictates that this sword did not descend from the heavens, but rather was thrown into the field by a wandering marauder or any other mundane scenario. However, even if this sword arrived in the field by normal means, the fact that Joan found it and it represented to her the tool by which her country was liberated, still makes the sword divine, and divinely obtained. It was Joan's inner strength and certainty that won her an interview with the Prince of France and convinced him to give her an army, horses and weapons, though she was only a peasant girl. Joan was fearless, she ran straight towards the dragon of her fear, and like the unreal thing which it was, it disappeared when she approached, leaving her only with courage and accomplishment. Joan saw the Prince of France as her patron and as them both as equals under God, which they were.After she won her battles, which she achieved by inspiring the men of her army who admired her courage but also were motivated out of a mixture of love for her. To them she represented their country, a symbol of all women and the very earth itself. The definition of true chivalry. She was an amazing soldier, but she was only a teenager. Men twice her age, seasoned soldiers were inspired by her because they thought if a girl could do it they could do it too.Her victories made the Prince of France the King, and liberated her country. In the end when she was captured by the British and burned at the stake, for being a heretic and a witch, it was not because God had failed her, and not because she had failed God. Her faith was true and pure, divinely and directly connected to God and not the faith of the Patriarch Church. Joan had been a faithful messenger and servant; it was her King that failed her, merely because she continued to take direction from God and not from the King. She never regarded the King of France to be her leader in the first place. It may also have perhaps been a slip up of ego on Joan's part, which is a reminder to keep ourselves in check everyday to see where our inner voice is coming from.Regardless, she was captured and killed at the age of nineteen. She was recognized as a saint 500 years after her death and even today is one of the most remembered women in all of history. Her life on this mortal plane was brief but bright, and perhaps only a short prelude to her eternal immortality. Shine on forever Joan of Arc, and shine in all girls to make them truly driven and confident. Handbook For Hot Witches Link!

Fan Fav! Our Fan Fav for the month is i_love_scorpios on Instragram! I_love_scorpios: My 9 year old daughter said last night "I'm a good artist but not as good as Dame Darcy!" #influences

​​​​​​​Alice coloring pages with crayons Patron Prizes!

Some patrons will also receive Alice lavender purifying spray plus looking glass spell.

Gris gris bag includes, candle, small mirror, moss, ribbon rosebud, Drink me card with instructions, and crystal star ! Dame Darcy


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