September 29, 2019

September 10, 2019

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July 3, 2019

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Mermaid Reading Tarot Game / New Alice Tarot

March 26, 2018

Mermaid Tarot Game

Hey Mermaid Friends and Tarot Lovers! Pleasant programmed an Online Game for you to read the Mermaid Tarot deck. Try it out and see what you think!
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Here's the video in youtube!  



Fan Fav!

I'm sharing this with you today because Jessica's question was so touching. 


Dear Dame Darcy,


My name is Jessica and I am a master student in English literature. Currently, I am working on an essay about the mirror as a threshold in which the individual explores his/her true self by looking at his/her own reflection. As an example I have chosen Jane Eyre, particularly the scene in which she sees the ghost of her uncle in the red room. I am trying to examine the possibility that it was not a ghost but a manifestation of her repressed feelings (using Lacan's theory), meaning that the only thing she sees is actually her own image.


I am going to consider the illustrated Jane Eyre in which you have beautifully illustrated this scene. In page 20, Jane is not looking at her uncle's ghost but her own reflection. However, in page 21 you have drawn another picture of a kind of ghost in the corner. Since in page 27 you have clearly drawn a ghost of a man, when Jane is talking about what she thinks she saw in the room, I am not sure if you considered the possibility of the ghost as an hallucination. That is why I am writing you this email, because I am really interested in your opinion as an artist of these illustrations.


I would like also to tell you that I really love your art. I think the way you portray beauty giving this characteristic Gothic touch is wonderful. Thank you very much for the time you have taken to read this long email!!


Best regards,


Jessica Garcia

Dear Jessica, 

The way you wrote this letter is very intelligent, beautiful and astute. Your psychological yet spiritual stance is also very intreguiging. 

Would it be ok to republish it in the Fav Fan part of my newsletter? 


I do think the ghost was and can be two things at once, Jane's fears manifest in a hallucination, and her actual uncle haunting the room, it is very wise of you to notice the differences in the depictions. 

At the same time I was illustrating this section of Jane Eyre, a good friend of mine died. It made me able to connect to this section in a way I wouldn't have otherwise. And in a way, this illustration is an homage to her and reminds me of her. The reason I made the ghost look like a halloween type spirit and also like her actual uncle is exactly as you deciphered. The death itself and the sadness and fear are one thing, a nebulous feeling that lingers and is separate than the spirit of the departed beloved. Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes :) 


Link to purchase!
The Illustrated Jane Eyre

Also another Fan Fav shout out goes to Fern Vernon-Bernich 

she sent a 4 lb. box of bon bons in the mail last week as a secret admirer and we didn't know who it came from until days later after Isabelle Doll had stolen them all for herself! It's the weight and size as she is! 

Thank you fern! We're going to send you a gift box like we do for the Patron prizes :) 

Love you! DD 


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