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Crossroads ritual/ new patron prizes velum from MC comic /originals auctions/ vice comics Dame Darcy

Vice Comics just published Meat Cake episode Hat Attack, Thank you Nick Gazin for being a feminist supporter of women cartoonists and profiling the ladies on Vice during International Womens week. to see more, please go here..

Heritage Auctions is now auctioning original pages from Meat Cake from 90's and last decade. To bid on and own the original pages from this comic and others please go to

Thank you Jerry at Heritage!

Crossroads Ritual Hand Book For Hot Witches..

Haaay bringin' it back on the 13th!

Blessed Be, My Pretties!

You know that feeling when you're happy with your life situation, yet you know there's "something more" you could do...... however don't know what exactly which way to proceed?It used to be that when I heard other people say "I'm not sure what I want" - I thought, "How could you not know??!!!

But I've learned - as it turns out, when you get all the things you most wanted in life (thank you magic! hail Venus and Jupiter!) then some serious questioning arises. As in: What is the prime way to manifest my best self and highest goal? Or ..."I legit have no clue which direction to go at all!?!?!"...

So now that we are here on the dark side of the moon, and the 13th, I'm evoking my favorite Goddess, Hecate (Hecate with three faces, Mother, Maiden, and crone, spirit animals being bats, owls, and a two headed wolf who drinks from a cauldron of blood). Every ShoutOut has a main message. Tell your audience what you want them to know, how to take action and where to reach you.

Plus adding a new adorable ancient deity to my pantheon, Ganesh, I thought it a good idea to share this with anyone who feels stuck, or who even just wants a promotion in life :) Road opening spells are common in HooDoo, thanks African-American folk magic! and Santeria. Both tend to employ the herb abre camino meaning "road opener" in Spanish. Order online, if you don't have a well stocked witchcraft supply shop in your area. Versions of road opener / crossroads spells can be found in almost every magical tradition around the world, including in the Greek Magical Papyri which are scraps of spells from the Hellenistic era.

Don't forget your offerings to The Queen of the Underworld, she can get a little crabby without her blood red wine, if you know what I mean.

This week, I'm focusing on mantras to Ganesh, "the remover of obstacles." Apparently aligned with Jupiter, and he looks so adorable and benevolent, I thought bad ass power bitch Hekate combined with the friendly male cute elephant God would make a good balance as a couple. All he wants are flowers, and in all the images of him, he's raising his hand up, like "Hi everybody!"

I'll report back on my progress with using the Ganesh mantra for road opening, until then, here's his mantra:

"Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Sharanam Ganesha From Sanskrit, the Ganesh Mantra is commonly translated as:“Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva, remover of obstacles who guards the doorway to the enlightened realms.

His blessings are essential for good beginnings.” As with any form of meditation it is best to chant this mantra when you are alone, in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. You must be relaxed while saying it, so make sure you are comfortable.

It is best to do it consistently, so make a ritual out of it if you can. It is recommended to do this ritual for 40 days. It's always tons of fun (and yes that is an elephant pun) adding a new deity to ones pantheon. Nitey Nite, and cast that circle tight! Love and wickedness, Dame Darcy

Thank you Patrons on Patreon your support means so much! Fantagraphics sent me the original vellums used to publish the early Meat Cakes from the 90's. Own a piece of history for Patrons $10 and up and you will receive these one of a kind prizes! Also hand crafted voo doo dolls along with your spell cards, hand made thank you cards and prizes from the Secret Surprise Center!

Our Fan Favorite Photo is Darci Edwards, pictured above with the Queen of Swords. The picture of her with white hair is credited to Sydney Irene Productions! Thank you Darci!

Dame Darcy’s closet, the costume drama continues!

The screening last week at Super Chief was super fun. 'Twas a good turn out, Nouri t took some snaps during Golden Shoes ...

Thank you Nouri Zander , Kenneth Filmer

and the animators at khloris! Also, this animation won an award and it was presented by Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO one of the best days of my life :) it was released in 1994 . Made after hours at Nickelodeon, it was cutting edge technology at the time. Amazing how it hasn't aged or looks dated at all. And crazy how time flies.

Magic Blessings to you!

Dame Darcy

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