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Mermaid Tarot Edition 3 Revamp! Halloween Dolls! Meat Cake Original Art! Lady Killers Book Release!

Ahoy Mermatey!

We’ve heard your requests, and now, Mermaid Tarot editon 3 is available! More clear, brighter colors, symmetrical borders, printed to look like they are on pirate parchment paper. The Helm on the back is more golden and the jewel tones were enhanced. But still with that satin texture and fine cardstock you’ve come to know and love. And of course new and improved magic!

Here’s the video…

photo by PLEASANT

And now, I’m very thankful to announce!

Meat Cake ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION pages from the classic comics, now up for bidding at Heritage Auctions! Thanks Jerry from Heritage and Jaime Hernandez from Love and Rockets on Fantagraphics Books.


Sunday Internet Comics Auction. This auction is currently scheduled to open THIS FRIDAY for bidding on 11-13-2017. Just wanted to make sure and get the info into this newsletter because it only gets sent out bi-monthly.

More Information will be posted so as to details in which to search, key words are Meat Cake and Dame Darcy.


LADY KILLERS Graphic Novel! FRESH OFF THE PRESS! Officially released Yesterday! Available now. Illustrated by yours truly.

About the Book

Inspired by author Tori Telfer's Jezebel column “Lady Killers,” this thrilling and entertaining compendium investigates female serial killers and their crimes through the ages.

Each chapter explores the crimes and history of a different subject, and then proceeds to unpack her legacy and her portrayal in the media, as well as the stereotypes and sexist clichés that inevitably surround her. The first book to examine female serial killers through a feminist lens with a witty and dryly humorous tone, Lady Killers dismisses easy explanations (she was hormonal, she did it for love, a man made her do it) and tired tropes (she was a femme fatale, a black widow, a witch), delving into the complex reality of female aggression and predation. Featuring 14 illustrations from Dame Darcy, Lady Killers is a bloodcurdling, insightful, and irresistible journey into the heart of darkness.


And whats the best way to Celebrate our most beloved Halloween Holliday?

With DOLLS of course!

All NEW ghost, vampire and witch dolls, now available!


And of course, when you get any Dame Darcy original framed art or paintings using the coupon code HURRICANEHELP, a percent of total proceeds go to the Red Cross.,stats:true/559625597,stats:true/559626231,stats:true/559630761


Don’t forget your Witch Hollidays Calendar for 2018!


Thank you Stephanie Finnigan for prifiling Dame in Handmade Buisness Magazine!

NEW PRESS in Hand Made Business


And last but certainly not least… Happy International Day of the Girl!

Today is the day to celebrate your #GIRLHERO by posting a video on social media. Girls are sharing why they’re inspired by moms, sisters, Club leaders, BFFs, and teachers who stand up for girls every day – join us!

But there’s another important way you can be a #GIRLHERO – donate to support the next generation of girl heroes making change in their communities across the globe.

-------------^v^ ---------------------------------------

Happy Halloween!

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