Special Auctions! Dame Darcy is auctioning some one of a kind originals from her early career with Heritage Auctions! Place your bids, click below! 




It has now arrived…


Building on Dame Darcy’s professional modelling history in New York City’s High Fashion world. After two years in development we are now pleased to announce to the World! GOTH Mermaid© by Dame Darcy. The World’s first female cartoonist make up series. 


Packaging designed in collaboration with Pleasant art and developed to look like mermaid scales. Reflecting an organic and natural form while also being vegan and cruelty free.


Each color was hand picked by yours truly, Dame Darcy. Each one reflecting Dame Darcy’s sense of personal style and emanating beachy sand colors, including: glitter white, aqua, pink, glitter, matte black and more.  With the GOTH Mermaid © Dame Darcy palette you can create a variety of looks, Mermaid, goth or combine the aqua and black for Goth Mermaid! High fashion meets Mermaid and Goth!


We are now shipping this new iconic makeup set. .  

Order GOTH Mermaid ©  Dame Darcy palette Today! 

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Stay tuned folks for Hi Jax & Hi Jinx , autobiography graphic novel available now from Feral House. All new exciting animations depicting the story are currently being produced. Details soon to follow.

West coast events are being booked now for the Halloween release! If you are on the West coast of the USA and have a venue or opportunity in mind for shows in Late October through December please contact me directly at and put Hi Jinx shows in subject line.



Reunion Tour, a Documentary Concert Film





Official Facebook Link:


Film Trailer Link:


The Suckdog Reunion Tour Film Documents the first leg of Suckdog’s 2016 Reunion Tour. We filmed footage in Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago and Cincinnati. The result is a combined concert feature containing footage from all of the Suckdog Reunion Tour events.The Suckdog Reunion Tour Film Documents the first leg of Suckdog's 2016 Reunion Tour. We filmed footage in Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago and Cincinnati.


The result is a combined concert feature containing footage from all of the Suckdog Reunion Tour events.Exclusive DVD content includes never before seen Behind the Scenes footage of Lisa Suckdog, Dame Darcy and the Kuzak Sisters, as they rehearse scenes for the tour and talk one on one with fans.


In addition, several scenes were also shot in a first person view. Giving you an onstage experience unlike any other. It’s almost like being on stage with Suckdog Live!




Lisa Carver (Lisa Suckdog) as “The Dish”

Dame Darcy as “Ghost Mother”

& Featuring the Kuzak Sisters Gen Kuzak as “Dead Husband

”Maddie Kuzak as “Daughter/Wife”



Filmed and produced by: PLEASANT

タロットカード・占いグッズ専門店   Prosperity Mana(2).pn

Dame Darcy Tarot Series available for order directly in Japan-nationwide and Asia.

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 10.07.51 PM.jpg

Dame Darcy Tarot Series available for order directly in The United Kingdom-nationwide and delivery within all of Europe.

August 29, 2020

Check out the short version of the interview with @veronicavarlow #lovewitch ❤️today on damedarcy Instagram!  ❤️ She’s working on a new book profiling her #sexpositivity #empowering #philosophy also her #engagementring made from her #fiancé tooth and #blackdiamonds 🦷❤️love it!


New Dolls now on Etsy! 

The Meat Cake Manor doll house is finis...

August 17, 2020

👑✨🌈🔥🌟Welcome to the Patron Family new patron Pomme De Terre !! ⚡️💥⭐️💫

🌙We’re officially at 90 patrons! 🤩And thank you new August Patrons! 🙏😍You’ll all be included in the #patron #painting #raffle for #sketchtember #september! ✨🎁💝🎁

💝🎁💝Cookin up some beautiful #paintings and #fineart #prizes for you! Winner will be announced live on @damedarcy insta on Saturday August 29th at 7pm EST 🙏😀 

and Welcome to the Patron...

July 27, 2020

Thanks for upping your support Stacy MacBlane -Meyer and Christian Brown ❤️🌈😍Welcome back Eidolon  🎁♥️and welcome new patrons Erin Fuller and Jesse River!

 Join me live ! All patrons $1 and up will be able to vote on which painting prize 🖼 🎨you want for the month of August and  the lucky raffle winner will be announced with the painting prize shipped the next day! ⭐️🎁🎉

Plus live tarot readings afterwards , with Queen...

July 13, 2020

 Just found in the Secret archives! I’ve framed them to make them available, all sales will be used towards printing the new deck, Witchy Cat Tarot! 

These 4X 6 Original Illustrations using archival paper, are framed and one of a kind hand painted illustrations from the Queen Alice Tarot. 

Painted with Watercolor and Pen And Ink. I will personalize it for you or a friend. ❤️ Love Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tar...

June 2, 2020

Welcome new Patrons !! 

❤️Trevor Barton 
💕Becca Kozak 
♥️Sandra Steigerwald 
💖Charles Lobdell 
💕Yukiko Yvonne 

So happy to have you in the Patron Family and can’t wait to see who wins!!


This is why I care so much about #blacklivesmatter Mr. Pleasant helped me through the worst and celebrates the best ❤️ He saves my life and I’ll do anything to save his i...

May 4, 2020

Hey 👋 Hope you had a Delightful Flower filled Beltaine 🌹🍄🌈❤️🌺🌷

 We made 21 sales of the Queen Alice Perfect box deck using the coupon code last week and we’re able to donate 20 % of total profits to get medical supplies for overworked care givers. 

Thank you #damedarcytarot supporters for helping me help the medics! Mom was a hospital nurse so it really touches my heart to be
able to help. 

Day of the dead mermaid fash...

April 27, 2020

Welcome to the Patron Family ! 16 new Patrons to celebrate Beltaine May 1st!💗💕💗 
Your now eligible to be in the raffle this Monday April 27th on DD Instagram at 6pm to reveal the raffle winner for May! 

The raffle prizes are now hilariously valued at $666! 
All patrons of all tiers $1 and up can win! 

Attendees can choose the prize by popular vote then raffle the gift boxes and framed paint...

April 13, 2020

Dear Friends and Magic Family, 

My greatest hope is this email finds you well, safe from Corona, and all harm. Especially to the Medical Professionals on the front lines who will heal this situation more efficiently with more equipment. There's not much as an individual I can do besides shelter in place, but I've donated here,...

March 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

The news has been frightful lately and my mind is racing with so many questions and concerns. My heart goes out to everyone effected by the virus and with so many plans scrapped and places closed,  thankfully we can still talk virtually. 

Please join me on Instagram (my handle is @DameDarcy) reading tarot Thursday at 7pm est and we can find out some answers and determine the future together.  

I’ll be read...

March 9, 2020

In honor of Women’s Day I made dolls of all diversity and races, including mermaids, time traveling Rococo Princesses and fantasy ones with green and purple skin. We all have a heart and a soul and share this and all worlds together and should stand by each other as sisters.

The Comic Book making workshop at Neighborhood Comics turned out great! The kids came u...

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